Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Walking and Heart Beats

What I did this afternoon, while the girls played

You guys are so fun, I love sharing happy news with you :)  Thanks for all the well-wishes.  I am half a week from being officially "second trimester" and am so happy to have energy and enthusiasm back.  I didn't realize how sluggy I've been...until I wasn't.  heh.

I went for a walk tonight for the first time in a long time, and stopped to say hello to a friend from our former congregation who is expecting her fourth in September.  She proudly showed me around her garden, and we had a great chat.  I've been realizing that I'm an introvert (which I knew) and that I've been lonely...and you know what, my friends have too.  Definitely need to be better about reaching out and contacting people- we got so wrapped up in our own concerns the past few months, with my pregnancy and my husband's new company.  I've been lucky to make some amazing friends in this area, and I want to keep them!

My second "baby" appointment was this afternoon- it was amazing to hear that tiny heart beat for the first time.  The baby was lined up perfectly with my own bloodways, and we could listen to both our heart beats together.  I had to laugh to myself- you and me kid, we're in this together.  It's a little weird to me to be in a new duo separate from everybody- it's just me and the baby, growing together, for the next 6 months until we finally get to meet.  That feels very holy to me, as it should feel.  It was nice to hear the heart beat- it always make the pregnancy real to me.


Ticia said...

For me it was always the first sonogram. I had an early one with the twins because of a miscarriage previously, and that's how I found out I was having twins. It was so cool to see the little blobs moving around in there.

Isn't the sudden bout of energy in the second trimester amazing?

Anna said...

Until you can feel them move I find hearing the heartbeat to be very reassuring. Oh and I love that the liting make your walls look a different color in each picture. The second one is my favorite.

Bobbi Lewin said...

I love your description of the duo. Very holy indeed:)

Su said...

I hope you enjoy the energy the 2nd trimester brings. That has always been my favourite time of the pregnancy.

Alexandra said...

I've got that introvert thing going on too. I'm glad you've sailed through to the second trimester and into some energy. :)