Monday, July 12, 2010

Love? Don't Love?

Things I love:

  • Kids making choices
  • Sushi (Did anyone else see the slideshow on today?  Yummm)
  • A clean kitchen
  • Fresh flowers
  • Watching my husband play with kids.  Any kids.  He's a genius with them.
  • Tiny green tomatoes in the garden.  (There are two tomatoes and THAT means I get to use the plural!)
  • Pants that fit
  • Sunshine

Things I don't love:

  • Students who don't show up
  • Charging late fees
  • Uncertainty
  • TMI on Facebook.  I keep thinking I should just shut down my account...or unfriend people...but what if I can do something to HELP them with the trainwreck of a life they're creating?  (Like a well placed comment on my part will help??)  Just makes me want to cry.  And, unfortunately, it makes me sound completely judgemental.  Emphasis on the "mental."  
  • Vacuum cleaners that stop sucking when pollen season hits, and it's finally hot enough to open our windows at night.  And OF COURSE trees release pollen at 5:30 in the morning.  Vacuum cleaner, you worked perfectly until I cleaned your brushes last week.  What's wrong with you??
  • Stomach aches
  • Pants that don't fit.  


Su said...

Funny... we like the same things.
And I have tiny green tomatoes too! Love...

Alexandra said...

TMI on FB - you can "hide" them. That's what I do when things get too weird. That way they are still friends, but you can't see their postings. Then when you want to peak in, you just "unhide" their posts.

Casey said...

I like the hide button. A lot. Your feeds will still go through to them but you don't have to read their stuff unless you want to and then it's just a matter of clicking on their profile. :)

Sam said...

I love this idea! May steal it. I was cringing that I was one of your TMI friends, then realized I am "Friends" with your sister but not you. So you are SAFE! :)

Totally with you on the pants, both directions. ;)