Monday, July 19, 2010


  • I signed off of Facebook a week ago today- I was surprised it had already been that long!  I'm glad I did- if you hadn't noticed, I'm a bit OCD.  (Or CDO...right?)  A constantly updating stream of information just isn't a good companion for me!
  • With all the novels I read, I'm thinking I should set up a deal...1 substance-free fantasy story, 1 gardening book.  One book about Girls Who Do Things, one church book.  At least I've worked my way through the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, and have started back at Genesis!  Good thing I'm a fast reader, at least for brain-candy YA books.  I'd guess I read...about 100 pages an hour?  I finished the big honkin' Harry Potter book (was that #7?) in about 5 hours, maybe 6, back before Mimi was born.  
She likes to read too- read herself right to sleep!
  • I realized yesterday that boys and I just don't get along.  Once, as I sat in the lawn chatting with a friend, her 20-month-old picked up a softball-sized rock and lobbed it at the back of my head.  Yesterday, awfully proud of a little 5-year-old boy who agreed to come up front and help lead the junior primary in "Do As I'm Doing" I got him to pound my fist in the hallway yesterday while we picked up kids from the nursery.  Pound it once!  Pound it twice!  Pound it again!  With a "good job" I turned away to go through the nursery door...and he pounded me in the stomach.  No more punching!  Ouch!  Obviously, I was a bit nauseous through sacrament meeting yesterday- ugh.  
  • What's on your to-do list today?  I have kitchen work (we're out of chocolate syrup, yogurt, and bread) and some gardening chores- my cilantro and lettuce bolted over the weekend, and my bibb lettuce didn't get watered and flat-out died.  I have some plants that need more space, so hopefully they'll be transplanted today, and some seeds that I need to just sprinkle wherever I can find space- cosmos, carrots, baby's breath, sunflowers, hollyhock, nasturtium.  It might be too late....but it's still so cold outside!  We had a week of 90-degree weather, and we're back to the 65 and cloudy.  
  • I let the girls go to a birthday party instead of taking their regular naps.  It was fantastic- pizza, rainbow cupcakes, a pinata, and enormous park, and Ernie's best friend was there too.  Is it terrible that she never actually played with the birthday girl?  They're not very good friends, but they were school mates and the birthday girl was included in Ernie's recent celebrations.  There were tons of kids there, all splintered into little groups of 2's and 3's doing their own thing.  
  • We gave the little girl a store-bought present.  On the one hand, it was nice for the gift to not stand out...but on the other didn't really stand out.  Ernie was confused when we were leaving and I showed her the gift I had packed in a bag.  "But Mom...we BOUGHT that!"  "I know, but did you make her a present?"  "No..."  Wish we'd had our act together a little more.  What do you think- we love giving handmade gifts, but I'm sure most of her friends prefer dolls and toys from the store.  What do you give for gifts?
(My kids would be over the moon with a basket of rocks...but maybe not everyone would be?)


Casey said...

I like to do a hybrid for friend gifts, like a homemade bag with a few store bought things inside or craft supplies packaged up some way pretty. :)

Ticia said...

I give a mixture of both. Depending on if I think the receiver would appreciate it.

Su said...

I try to mix it a little like Casey above.

Although, I was so behind the last birthday party that my girls attended that I did send them off with all store bought stuff.... I had good intentions! :)

Aunt LoLo said...

I have been doing straight Homemade, but I think I might start doing hybrids more. I've done covered notebooks, with a pack of crayons, in the past. However, my man purse (see today's LoLo Craft post) was SO well received (by ALL the parents at the party) I might start doing more of those! Then I could stick something simple (stickers, candy, or crayons) inside. I tend to stick to one item per year - two years ago, it was aprons for everyone. Last year, covered notebooks and/or crayon roll ups. This year? Messenger bags! LOL

PS - I used to be TERRIFIED of being alone with toddler boys. They always chucked things at my head! Now that I have one...he still chucks things, but usually I can catch the signs beFORE he flings things at me, and come out unscathed. :-p

Elizabeth said...

You make your own chocolate syrup? Sounds yummy. Want to share the recipe? I loved reading all of these tidbits of info!