Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Harvesting: Asian Pear Apples

I must have been REALLY out of it last September (yes, I had a, it's not really a good excuse!) I never knew my backdoor neighbors had a pear apple tree! It's in need of a pruning though, so couldn't HELP but notice the branches draped across the fence, dripping in tiny yellow fruits. I screwed up my courage and picked a tiny fruit, resolutely thinking "Hey, it's on my side of the fence...they couldn't even reach it if they wanted to!" Oh me. Oh my. Crispy, juicy, fresh...I gathered my entire family for a walk. Armed with a bag of my mom's apples and my best smile we knocked on the door, thrust the apples in the face of their bemused college-age son and said "Hi! I'm Myrnie...your backdoor neighbor. Ummm...your fruit tree is loaded, did you know? Do you want to come around to our house and pick your fruit, or...??" Oh no, was the reply. Feel free- we always just let the fruit drop and throw it away.

My head was saying " what?!" My mouth was polite though "Oh, OK. THANKS!" (To show you just HOW nice this family is, we found a big bag of pears on our steps when we got home from dinner that night, picked from their side of the fence.)

We had a great time picking this afternoon, and now...what do I do with all these pear apples? I sent a bag home with my parents, and I'm wondering: should I can these? I have a great recipe for pear-pineapple jam. Or...should I make nice with all the ladies at church tomorrow and take them all to church with a sign and a pile of bags "Pear apples- take some!"

Does anyone know how to say that in Spanish?

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Su said...

I have no idea what to do with pear apples. But they look good!!

Aunt LoLo said...

What a pretty peck of pearapples!

Alexandra said...

Nice! Our food pantry takes fresh garden foods. I bet the ladies at church would love those!

Manzanas libres de la pera!
Translation: Free pear apples. :)

Elizabeth G. said...

Are you attending a Spanish ward? That is some nice looking fruit. You could make pear apple cake! :)

Mama Papaya said...

We need to be neighbors!

Lorie said...

I think all of those options sound great!

And I could call my husband and ask him how to say that in Spanish, but I bet you could just put them out and people would enjoy them!