Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Garden Update

Just a few pictures of what's been coming through the kitchen recently- our yard isn't terribly productive right now, but it IS nice to have some homegrown produce, and get more gardening experience under my belt.

Turnips from the raise garden bed

Blackberries from the brambles that grow around the perimeter of the backyard (this is nothing extraordinary- it's hard to find any empty land NOT encroached upon by this vicious vine!)

Italian prunes from an enormous tree in the backyard (we're picking them under-ripe this year: last year I had to watch as racoons and squirrels hung by their toes in my tree, eating every last plum)
"Chinese green bean"- I will definitely not be growing these again! They taste fine, but from at least a dozen plants, I've harvested 6 beans. Yes, they're 12-18 inches long, but 2 beans a week is NOT worth the space :)

Those round me! They came from the bean plants. We composted them.

More italian prunes

Apples from Mom's yard

Seeds harvested from my mysterious purple flower

(Oh, the limes are from an enormous bag my dad picked up. The juice is in the freezer now.)

How is your garden doing? I'm hoping to do a Fall garden this year, but August has slipped away from me. I hope if I can plant the seeds soon, we'll have enough sunshine to bring in a little harvest in a few months.
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Su said...

That's a pretty decent haul!
I love that you have fruits as well as tomatoes.
I usually get sour cherries, but the weather was a little to strange this year and we did not get anything.

This year, we have a lot of tomatoes and potatoes. And herbs. Everything else... failed :)

Sam said...

You are a wizard with the food photos. Lovely. And I'm a sucker just for the WORD "brambles." ;)

Mama Papaya said...

What a backyard bounty! I am so, so looking forward to having more fruit in the next few years. Sad that the beans are not better producers because they are extremely cool looking. Did I give you some purple bean seeds? If not, just holler. I harvested a good little pile of bean seeds today.

Can't wait to see what you did with this bountiful collection.