Monday, September 28, 2009

Harvest Festival

This past weekend marked the 11th annual Local Harvest Festival- local farms threw open their gates (and fields) to the teeming, curious masses. Figures for last year showed about 8,000 people participated in the tour- WOW!

We went and visiting "our" farm- we've participated in their CSA program since early Spring, and were excited to go and see where our food came from.

A greenhouse was set up especially for kids- there was a coloring station, lunch totes to stamp and take home, and a fabulous balloon man. He was a genius with those little tubes of latex- the girls were so happy with their flower and bunch of grapes!

Mimi and I left Ernie and Wonder Daddy in the green house (and, sadly, left the camera with them too!) Mimi had a blast toddling up and down (lots of down- it was bumpy dirt!) the field path- we saw lots of herbs, broccoli, mustard greens, carrots, young lettuce, collards, etc.

Here's a picture I snapped on the way home, from the car- it's an amazing area. There's a river close by, and that's probably what makes this stretch of land so fertile (being on the flood plain and all.)

We stopped for lunch on the way home- who could resist an establishment with a sign like this??

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Su said...


And I don't know about grease... but salt, sugar and caffeine sounds great!

Teresa said...

lol- my boys would be all over that place. =)

Elizabeth G. said...

What a hoot of a sign (above). Well, at least you know going in. :)