Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You ever have one of those days...

Playing goofy golf at our family reunion

I should be going to bed. I should be posting about my fabulous thrifting finds. I should be (finally!) posting the wheat bread tutorial I took so many pictures for...

but I'm posting about my kids.

Mimi is a dream right now. Life is good, life is exciting. Putting small items in buckets is pretty much her favorite thing to do. We spent an hour on a picnic blanket this afternoon- I was flopped on my stomach, reading a book, while Mimi crawled over me, under me, sat on my head, and generally had a blast. When she got bored with the Mommy Jungle Gym, we wrestled. The air was warm and a teeny bit muggy, the sunlight was slanted and orange, the sky was bright blue, and I thought "THIS is perfect."

Ernie...is Displeased. She's 4, and why shouldn't she make just as many choices as Mommy?

"Time to get ready for bed, Ernie!"
"But I decided to watch a movie!"

"Come inside Ernie!"
"But I decided to shut the garage door!" (after I've already done it. This has, in the past, created 20 minute throw-down tantrums.)

"Here's ice cream, Ernie!"
"I want sprinkles on it. And I want chocolate milk. And a straw."

"We're having pizza for dinner."
"I want chips. I want more milk. Mommy? What are we having for dessert?"
"There's no dessert tonight. If you're hungry, you can eat your dinner."

Is it normal for Mommy to have the urge to throw Ernie, and her un-touched dinner, through the nearest window?

She has such big plans, and tells me in no uncertain terms when I don't measure up.

I love all my children. I adore all my children. But golly gee whitakers... those preschoolers are a tough crowd!


Aunt LoLo said...

They're a tough sell, aren't they? Here's what I've done the past two days - Around 5:30, when you're ready to serve your little angels FOR DINNER, find a music source. CRANK IT UP. Sing and dance. Jump. Leap. Cavort. Laugh wildly. It's as effective as stomping and screaming, but doesn't scare the children or the neighbors. Too much. Heh.

One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

"NOT the pink cup! I want the BLUE ONE!" "Not you! I want my Daddy!"

I SO remember those days. It does a doosey on your psyche.

For mine - he needed to make decisions. So I started giving him decisions to make... ALL the time. And he thrived on it.

"I want a drink" "Would you like milk or juice?" "Would you like the pink or blue cup?" Would you like me to leave it on the counter or put it on the table?"

Much like it's easier for a Mommy to do the chore herself the first time than to teach a child to help (and clean up after the chore is done)... the offering-choices-parenting was draining. But I sure felt better about myself!!! :-)

May not work for E. But... maybe it's worth a try.

And P.S. You are a TERRIFIC Mommy and she knows it. She's just being really good at being four. :-)

One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

P.S. Aren't we grateful when the Lord sends us ONE challenging-child-moment at a time. :-) Mimi is an all-terrain toddler. Can't wait to play with her!

Su said...

Oh man... you're not alone!
It's normal for kids to push boundaries... at least that is what I'm told.

Deep breathing helps :)

Teresa said...

yes, I'm reliving a little of that this week- I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich....after i made it...no grammer I wanted a peanut butter and honey sandwich....
it's a beautiful life. =)

Casey said...

Ah yes, I can relate. :)