Saturday, December 13, 2008

Playing Catch Up

'twas the week before

Sure feels like it!

First off, may I offer my heartiest congratulations to our newest LoLo! Baby Boy (Ernie's name for him...she's quite adamant) arrived this afternoon. He weighed a decent 7 pounds 14 ounces, and measured in a 21 inches. He's cute as a button, and I am SO JEALOUS that the rest of my family is spending Christmas with him! We'll be on the opposite corner of the country...we're so excited to spend Christmas with Nana and Grandpa though. There are just TOO MANY good things in this world, and I want all of them. Now. Thank you. (Especially when it comes to seeing family.)

Are they not the cutest pair? (And what kind of sick woman wears shiny dangling earrings to the hospital? And calls her twin in between contractions to say she's bored? Ah, epidurals. How you have changed things.)

In other news, I won a blog giveaway! Always a little thrill- Lera, over at The Sky is Pink, made up these sweet candy-cane striped leg warmers, and even put on a fluffy cuff at the top. Miss E adores them (although she's convinced they're for her teenaged aunt, so she won't wear them.)

Is the packaging not adorable? She used candy-cane striped string...and even sent along an extra paddle! I'm very serious when I say that I've been looking for this string in all the stores for a few months and couldn't find it. I love it!

Thursday was my first piano recital. Out of my 11 students only 3 could participate (I mean, 5 of them are primer students who started in October- I haven't even got them reading the staff yet!) but we invited everyone to come and listen even if they weren't performing. I think they're all excited for the Spring recital now- a few of them have already started picking out songs.

Friday was our annual caroling party- it's a "win some lose some" gathering every year, and this year we kind of lost. We had POURING rain and HOWLING wind all day long, and in the end it was just myself, Wonder Daddy, Aunt Bert, and my dear high school friend (who has not missed a caroling party in 11 years!) trudging door to door with golf umbrellas while my parents stayed home with the girls. We had a blast, and got a few houses done before we started getting reports of snow farther out, and my friend had to skedaddle home if she wanted to GET home that night.

Ernie enjoyed the leftover cookies though!

Monday night was our Family Night- I think this is my favorite night of the week...well, except date night every Friday (thanks Mom and Dad!!). We went and saw the lights at the local botanical gardens- they make amazing flower and animal displays every year out of Christmas lights- it's always gorgeous. It was so fun to watch Ernie light up just like the lights- I think this is the first year she's gotten really excited about it.

And finally, today SANTA CLAUS came to visit our church this morning! I know, amazing right? We're so lucky! Ernie adored meeting him, and actually spoke to him. We had a lovely ward breakfast, and I was able to sing with the Relief Society choir and accompany a very talented mezzo. My friend took pictures of Ernie with Santa, so I'll share those when she sends them over.

And Mom and Dad- THANK YOU for watching the girls tonight so Wonder Daddy and I could go on a date together. I'm so glad they were good for you- you both have the stamina of line backers :) (I think Mom carried Mimi around for at least an hour, and I'm pretty sure Ernie never stopped talking to Grandpa for the entire evening.)

Whew! So that was our week...I have 2 presents to finish before we exchange presents on Monday with my family, so I better get hopping!

What's on your agenda for this week?

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