Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Pictures

What fun! My in-laws had a family friend come over and take some portraits and pictures. She did a great job- here are a few that she's sent over.

We re-took a few photos today, and we had to wake Ernie up for the shoot. Bobby J kept up a steady stream of "You can have a piece of chocolate when you're done. What color do you want? You get a piece of chocolate! Smile! Here it is right here!" The photographer couldn't resist this "after" shot.

Possibly one of my favorite family shots of all-time for my little clan. No, this is my favorite. This is the one we had to wake Ernie up for, and Mimi had just barely opened her eyes. My shirt is fresh out of the washing machine (not dryer), because these were taken the NEXT day, and Mimi had done all kinds of bad things to this shirt the day before. As 3-month-olds will. :o)

I can't tell if this is a yawn or a yell (that lid was COLD!), but this is my adorable, almost-three-week niece, Nora. Isn't this a sweet shot?


Lori said...

*love* your family portrait!!

Mama Papaya said...

Beautiful pictures of your beautiful family.

I hear you on the shirt. I have seen the raw photos from HG's photo shoot and there is a lot of photoshopping to be done. There is a large quantity of spittle all down one sleeve from the midway point on. Blech.

Mags said...

I love the pictures. Even the piano one is so precious.