Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mother of the Year? Not so much.

I was WARNED that my oldest might "regress" after the birth of the baby. I watched..and everything seemed cool. Until this week.

No nap Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Three accidents, in front of the toilet (2 just today.)

One accident on the toilet. Yes, she's talented. No, nothing landed IN the large bowl she was sitting on top of.

All four accidents were met with an "Oh no, Mommy!" And then she grinned and asked for a bath. While she stomped around in her puddle.

I've tried saying "I'm disappointed." I've tried ignoring, and just cleaning. I've tried blowing up- I'm sorry, but I did. I haven't had much sleep and well...yeah. I'm sorry. I gave myself a timeout afterward.

Today, I tried something new: no bath or shower, just wet wipes. No more underwear, just pull ups. No big girl vitamin at lunch, just baby Tri-Vi-Sol (she was SHOCKED that anything could taste so bad.) No food for lunch, just a glass of milk. No songs at nap time, babies don't get songs. And finally, a baby lock on the inside of her door.

She happily went to bed- being a baby is fun! Pull ups are great! And princesses on the front! Hooray, milk in a sippy cup and attention from Mom! Then she got out of bed...put underwear and a skirt on...and tried to come show me. Oh dear. The screaming and sobbing. "I a E Mommy! A E!" (Translated: I'm Ernie/a big girl.) "A HEWP ME MOMMY! MOMMMYYYYY!!!" I finished nursing the baby, and went in to give her a tissue and a hug...and tuck her back in bed. She could sleep, she could sing, but she must stay in there until I come get her (5 minutes later, she was asleep.)

Now both my babies are asleep. Am I doing this right? Is it fair that we only get to do each day, each moment once? Am I rising to each occasion appropriately, or am I somehow stunting her progress? She's like a pendulum- one moment INSISTING on helping carry the groceries in. The next, sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes while I nurse, calling for me to come help her put her underwear on.

I know what I pray for each night and morning: Patience. What do you pray for?


Aunt LoLo said...

I pray for a Nintendo Wii game EVERY NIGHT!!!

-- Lo Gung

Don said...

I pray for you, Ernie, Mimi and Jayson.... And then I pray for all my other kids too... (Sorry, but the last one on the list is "Tiny Tim" and so I think that is going to be my name for Timothy, God Bless his Soul. :)

You are a great Mom, no worries. Ernie and I get together tonight so no worries, we will talk it all out and as far as I know we don't have candy and cookies in the house and so all is well. :)

Casey said...

I think that sometimes the experience is for us and sometimes it is for our children. We need to learn stuff too.

I think you are an incredibly patient person. Way more so than me! :)

Mama Papaya said...

That the dog will stay on her side of the bed. I kid.

Children will pull and push, test and try. And they will teach you. Teach you talents and traits that you didn't know you had or could have. Teach you that you can love someone until it hurts and then love some more. And honestly, they'll teach you that sometimes time out feel good. I've been in a couple myself.

Peace, patience and humor wishes for you.