Thursday, December 18, 2008

Recently Heard

Ernie's first drawing- this is me. Or Emma. Or Daddy. Or Ernie. But probably Emma, my brother's girlfriend and one of Ernie's favorite people (Emma dances with her, and teaches her to draw, and lets Ernie wear her pretty necklaces)

Following in the footsteps of my friend over at Little Adventures, here are some of the things we've been hearing.
Walking out of church, Ernie tries to open the heavy glass and metal door. She finally turns and tries to *puuush* it open with her backside. Above her head, Daddy reaches past and helps her, which results in a tumble to the floor. Crying ensues.

Mommy "Are you hurt?"

Ernie "Yesssss!"

Mommy "What hurts?"

Ernie *clutching her battered posterior* "Mine BUNNY!"


Walking in to her bathroom during her weekly bath, I smell soap, and see a foamy white child, from shoulders to water-line.

"I clean, Mommy!"

Coming in to check on her as she washes her hands after a potty stop, I find a sink full of soapy water, an empty baby bath bottle (which was new), and 2 rubber duckies floating in the sink, smooching under her command. Oh yeah, and she's buck naked.

"See Mommy? A kiss!"

At lunchtime, before her nap, we promised her something that she LOVES. I heard her waking up, and went in to greet her. She opened her eyes and said...

Ernie: "A do-nut."


And finally, today's installments. We leave tomorrow for Nana and Grandpa's house- we'll ride in Mom-Mom's car, in an airplane, on a people-mover...any ONE of these things would send her into a tizzy, and we're doing all three! Right now, she's been trying to go to sleep for 2 hours.

Mommy "Head on pillow and go to sleep!"
Ernie "That's a bad idea."


Daddy "Go to sleep!"
Ernie "Why not sun up?"


Daddy goes in for one final tuck-in, after she has managed to pull the curtain tension rod out of her windowsill, checking to see if the sun is up one too many times. It will stay down for the rest of the night, so she doesn't have to get out of bed to check for daylight!


Casey said...

Too cute! I love the drawing and all the conversations. :)

Have a safe trip!

Aunt LoLo said...


(best i can do 1handed)

safe journeys!

* b W phOtos * said...

haha we are so glad to hear that little E is so excited to come visit us! :D we couldn't wait for sun-up either! have a safe trip and we can't wait to meet you at the airport!

One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

YEAH!!! You are in the air and nearly here! I can't wait to see E's cute little bunny. :-)

Mama Papaya said...

Safe travels and happy holidays to you all!