Friday, December 5, 2008

Easy to Please

Does anyone remember the movie "Phenomenon"? With the guy who sold chairs for a girl at his store, and she was SO THRILLED that they kept selling, and she kept making them...and then visited his house and found every. single. chair. she'd made stacked up on his porch. Yes, he loved her so much, he bought her chairs. Awww...

So my best customer is my Dad. So far I've sold him 2 eyeglass chains, 4 wash cloths, and 4 embroidered kitchen towels. He keeps saying they're for "all the ladies outside my office or "the girl you used to babysit."

But I never hear a word from these people.


This morning I got another e-mail: "Breein is having a baby shower! You sell baby stuff, and we need baby stuff. Make something!"

Yes, my dad is the kind of person that goes to a Chinese restaraunt and says to the waitress "Order whatever YOU like. Please." And funny thing, he always gets the most amazing meals!

Heehee...anyway, here's your latest order, Mom and Dad! Hope Breein likes it! (And thanks for spreading the word...) One flannel receiving blanket, one diaper envelope, and 1 minky washcloth/drool cloth/throw in your purse and wipe up whatever comes out of your baby cloth.

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Mama Papaya said...

Ah Mama, what a sweet, sweet daddy.