Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thank You!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out last night for our "housewarming" BBQ. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures- we had so many of our friends here!

Thanks Dad and Mom for help with last minute cleaning.

Thanks Carrie for listening to my 11:00 pm e-mail ravings about "do we have enough food?" and gamely offering to bring a yummy meat and cheese tray AND a plate of snickerdoodles. Did you notice they were the only thing that was GONE at the end of the night? Yummy :o)

Thanks J for staying up till 2:30 the night before to paint the walls yellow, and for all your help getting ready...and for not saying "I told you so" too many times when, after the party, we realized we had enough food left over for three MORE parties. Again. What can I say- it's a talent of mine. And thanks for letting me throw these crazy parties.

Thanks to the mothers who left the play room looking FABULOUS- you couldn't even tell that it had been played in!

Thanks to everyone who came out here to see the new house and wish us well. I was touched that so many of you came!

Thanks to Ernie who was an angel all day long, helping me with the grocery shopping, playing quietly, and taking a super long nap so she was ready for all the party food and friends she'd been talking about for days.

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