Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And She's Still Going!

Another week, a few more projects. The Great Doll escapade that started last week with this has continued. Now she wants Bobby (Grandpa), Nana, Grandma, Baby, Mommy, and Daddy dolls. Should I just go ahead and start on the 8 aunt and uncle dolls we're going to need? Oh sorry, 9 (hi Jamie! :) Haha...guess what Ernie is getting for her birthday! The new generation looks a little like potatoes right now, don't they? We're going for a more generic (and easy-to-trace) look here.

We made another skirt- this one just needs a little elastic to help it stay up, but fits great! Cute pattern too, and very easy. Google "twirly skirt" to find a tutorial- I didn't ask for permission to link. Pictures will come once she unwraps her birthday presents in a few weeks :) I didn't have enough of any fabric that would match her skirt to make the contrasting waist and hem. At least this way I can keep adding strips at the bottom as she continues to grow like a balloon animal- always taller and skinnier! I wonder if I could wear a skirt from a similar pattern? Would just take a few minutes to find out... :)

We made tortillas tonight with "Homesick Texan's" fantastic recipe. Seriously, if I subjected you to last summer's tortillas I'm sorry. THESE are good! I never asked her for permission to post her recipe, but e-mail me if you want the web address. They're amazing. J's family- if I can figure out a way to make a huge stack of these without making a huge stack right before dinner you are going to eat these in July! I would have tried freezing a few tonight as a test, but J ate the last 4 (and the batch makes 8.) I would have taken pictures, but...see the previous sentence. Head over to Chow Review for a bean chili recipe we ate with the tortillas- it will go down in my books as The One That Got Ernie to Eat Beans. (Honestly, she had a big bowl with rice last night, and another two helpings for lunch today. She only ate her rice to get more beans- now THAT is saying something!)

The PAINTING has commenced in our home. The front room, that was such a dreary grey-green shade, is now Behr PESTO. Go ahead- find a paint chip. It's amazing- feels like you're sitting inside a pickle. Attached dining room will be yellow, opposite wall (on west side) will be a paler yellow, back family room will be cornflower blue...oh yes, we're living life in color now! J has almost come to terms with what we've done to the front room. Almost. (But I LOVE it!)

Another week half gone, and boy are we having fun!

Oh yes, and J wants to start preparing for next year's local mini-marathon (is that what they're called?) Always been on his wish list of things to do...hasn't it been on yours? (*snort* says the girl who can't even run in a straight line) Good thing I have J here to teach the kids to run and throw and catch and... :) I can always teach them the proper way to knead bread. Of course, I might be able to run better if I wasn't 27 weeks pregnant...

Just for kicks, compare these two photos. One is me at 27 weeks, one is my twin sister at 12 weeks. I'm 40 inches, she's 38. I knew that having a genetic clone can be weird, but I think the poor thing is either channeling the size of my baby, or having multiples! (We were pretty close to the same size before either of us got pregnant.)


JNW said...

I think you're looking for the term "triathlon"!

Aunt LoLo said...

Aww...really? Did you have to? It's not multiples - unless they share a heart. Only one heartbeat last night.

Mom was right - BBJ just RIPPED MY ABS ALL TO I started showing right around 4 DAYS.

You owe me a doll. ;-)