Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thrifting and Crafties

I finally made it out to the thrift store this morning- we only have one very small (but very clean) 2nd hand shop in our new town. I had to travel back to our old neighborhood, land of the discount stores, tiendas, asian groceries, dollar shops, and bars-in-windows nail salons. We had a lot of fun! I found two placemats (the green with stripes) to make into a larger summer purse for me, embroidery floss for a few projects I hope to start soon, a basket for picnics and to hold Ernie's new doll house people and furniture, and two sets of sheets to make into clothes. I'm hoping the green one becomes a new shirt like the one I made (pictures to come) and the other becomes an A-Line skirt. I can't quite work that out in my head- I want it to hit below the knees, and have enough room and length where it won't ride up when I sit. I haven't seen a pattern like that yet, but there are lots of A-Line skirts in the maternity catalogues. Maybe I should just trace one of my pre-preggo skirts, add seam allowances, and replace the top with an over-the-belly panel?

In other crafty news, I finished the dolls in time for Ernie's birthday! As I sat at the computer yesterday during her nap, I noticed the sad little un-stuffed dolls peeking around my sewing machine. Oops- I forgot. She's still working out their names. For now, my parents are Bobby and Mom-Mom. J's parents are (definitely) Nana and....? It was Bobby, but now she's having a problem having TWO Bobbies. And Grandpa used to be Dadda (just like J), and now she understands that's not quite right either. Sorry guys! Oh, and I thought you'd rather see a picture than not...even though no matter what I try, it imports on its side! Aunt LoLo calls these French dolls (we presented a "baby" doll to BBJ on our trip last week.) I never thought that just making heads would be creepy...they're really easy to trace and paint! They're also really easy to hold, too.

I zipped up a little carrying bag this morning, from fabric leftover from a kitchen apron I made at Christmas time as a gift for Uncle K's brand new, adorable (and now pregnant and feeling sick) wife.

Just for reference: My family consists of Bobby, Mom-Mom, A, R and Boy. BBJ is "Baby", and she doesn't call Aunt and Uncle LoLo anything.

J's family is Nana, B, and possibly Boy (Uncle Fireball). We don't have a name for Aunt J, Grandpa J, Uncle K, the other Aunt J.... I'm sorry she can't say more letters and words, guys! (More on that later- her pediatrician told me to take her to a speech and hearing specialist at this morning's 3-year-check up.)

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No-L said...

You are AMAZING!!! I can only hope and pray to aspire, to your amazing-ness. :)