Thursday, June 26, 2008

Twenty-Nine Weeks and New Shirts

So here is the profile at 29 weeks. Will someone tell me how I only have 11 weeks left? And we haven't painted the nursery yet, and we're not even sure if it's a boy or girl?!?! I think I'm carrying a lot differently this time. Of course, it helps that I'm not carrying 30 extra pounds of water.

This is a front view of the shirt I promised to tell you about. I currently have another rendition cut out and waiting to be sewn together- pale green with white daisies. It's a weird polyester fabric though- very thin, with lots of sheen. Seems more temperamental than cotton. I think on this next version, I won't put the elastic into the sleeves. I made them an inch longer too. They fit fine, but ride up and wrinkle. Not pretty! I love the shirt- it's easy to wear and roomy, without looking like a tent. If I made it longer, the pattern doubles as a dress! Simplicity pattern 5756, view C, except I put the elastic in a sewn casing at the edges of the neck and sleeves, rather than sewing in bias tape casing an in into the fabric, to make an edge ruffle. Another plus for the pattern: I was able to use all one size when I cut it out, and it fits just fine. That's hard to do when you're pregnant and no body part seems to match the size of another!

This is another piece of fabric I picked up the last Jo-Ann's sale. I think it's adorable, and would make a nice jumper for Ernie. OR...could I possibly pull it off as a shirt for me? Should I leave it to the three-year-old? Thoughts?


No-L said...

It is cute fabric, but I think that I would leave it to the 3 year old.

Ben & Casey said...

I love your shirt. Great job!

Mama Papaya said...

Great work on the shirt and very cute fabric. I vote for the jumper, but I have trouble pulling off retro chic and it taints my opinion.