Friday, May 30, 2008

Week's Craftiness

Sometimes I wonder if my children will be shafted- they have a mother who is very willing to engage in all sorts of domestic activities (needlepoint, sewing, teddy-bear making, tole painting, gardening, canning, candy making, cake making, casserole making, singing, piano playing, organ playing, pottery, homemade soap and yogurt and granola...etc.) but I never really seem to achieve any distinction in most of these endeavors besides having tried more of them than anyone I know.

Case in point: Our new "Me" doll for Ernie!

I won't even show you the pattern I drew- just trust me that it looks very little like the finished doll. But, it's blond with blue eyes and she picked out the skirt color. She LOVES it, and that's what matters, right?

A skirt I made yesterday, traced from one of her favorites. Unfortunately, I mis-calcuated the seam allowance and this will be in tomorrow's mail to a much-loved and much-missed niece in East Coast Land. But I think this is just adorable, and it was only two pieces. Very easy to put together, and even better if you measure right. I think BBJ will look adorable.

Do I still get brownie points for trying? :o)

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Ben & Casey said...

Yes you do get brownie points! I love the skirt and I think the doll is adorable. :)