Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ernie's Life

I thought I'd post a few recent pictures from around here. Welcome to Ernie's life!

Here we are, all ready for church. See her beautiful new dress from Nana? She LOVES it! Excuse the flash- this was the only picture that we both looked decent in. Oh, and ignore the dust on the mirror. We're definitely not perfect around here!

She loves playing outside- she gets her boots, maybe grabs a bucket, and says "Bye! See you later!" Lately she's really been wanting to climb this plum tree- our rule is generally she can play on anything (within reason) that she can get on and off herself. I get a lot of dirty looks at the park, especially from mothers hovering over their 6- and 10-year-old kids, while I sit on the bench and keep Ernie in sight.
And this...is just because. She's a bathing beauty!

She loves to fly! She's been trying to do this for a long time- good job, Kiki! Oh yeah, my daughter thinks she is a Japanese cartoon character. When we're out for walks, she'll stop to tap the toe of her shoe on ground behind her. Name that movie (and character) anyone??

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Ben & Casey said...

E looks absolutely beautiful in these pictures!