Monday, May 12, 2008

Week In Review

She is a fashion maven- can you tell she picks out her own outfits?
Enjoying tonight's yummy strawberry milkshake after FHE. REALLY enjoying it!

We have a huge, white, rhododendron bush blooming right off the front porch- aren't the blooms gorgeous? I just had to bring some inside, along with some sprays from a (yet to be identified) bush. Maybe I'll post some pictures, and you guys can help me figure it out? J caught this picture while playing around with our "macro" feature on the camera. Good shootin', Tex!

Oh, and no pictures of this one, but I think Ernie is potty trained! She has three accidents last week, and we don't need to remind her much any more- she runs right to her bathroom when she needs to! What a little girl. (Yes, ordinarily we would say "big girl," but she is very adamant: Mommy and Daddy are BIG, Ernie is very small. So she's a little girl. I'll get it on tape if I can- her sense of perspective and size is a little skewed ;o)

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