Wednesday, May 14, 2008

House Photo Shoot

As my sister gleefully pointed out the other day, she WON. She moved a week after us, across the country, and she finished unpacking the last box before we did. Of course, it helps that her husband had the entire week off work, and did NOTHING but unpack. And my sweet husband is up to his eyeballs in not-for-profit tax returns and studying for the next section of the CPA exam, while I have the energy level (and relative speed) of a common garden slug. NEVERTHELESS, I have pictures. (Do I win? :)

Here is our dining room. (Note: This will be painted yellow.)
Here is the living room- it faces the street. This is where Jay built a really great half wall, to replace the "banister wall" that was there- those banister posts were so far apart, a small adult could fit through! This room will be re-painted soon, since we don't have much hope of matching the paint. You can't quite see the wall- the bottom right corner you can see the piano, which backs up to the wall.
Here is the family room- it is completely empty of furniture, and Ernie loves it that way! This is what I face when I'm at the kitchen sink. This room will be painted cornflower blue (at some point in the next five years ;o) Through the window you can see the back yard- my sweet husband and brother built up the garden box on the right, in the back is the green belt, and on the left is a play set, and our neighbor's fence. I think that fence is one of Ernie's favorite parts of the yard, because she gets to see Jasper (the little dog) through there! She loves Jasper, and feeds him sticks when I'm not looking. Poor Jasper.

Here is Ernie's room- this is one of the rooms I LOVE the color. I'm hoping to get a little bit more for decoration on the walls...can you see a pattern in this all? Never ending projects?

Oh dear, this is the nursery. Bad color, bad paint job, lots of boxes parked in here (mostly things that won't be unpacked, like outgrown Ernie clothes). Lots to do before September!

This is the master bedroom, which I LOVE. You can see a little deck in the back- there are two rocking chairs out there. It is so nice and quiet and private, but overlooks the play set so I can keep an eye on Ernie. Again, we hope to paint this room- J has picked out a dusty blue color, with a khaki ceiling. To go with that, we want to paint the adjoining bathroom dusty lavender, with cream wood. A big thanks to J's dad, who installed a light in the ceiling- it makes a HUGE difference! I guess master bedrooms relied on lamps in the 1970's?

Finally, here is the basement playroom. Ernie LOVES this room (can you tell?) So do all her friends! Behind where the camera is standing is a small bathroom, laundry room, and 4th bedroom currently used as sewing room/den. (I love having my own sewing desk, looking out a window! I can see Ernie while she plays, and she can come and go through the sliding glass door in there.) However, the den is where all the last boxes are and it's not fit to be seen :)


Aunt LoLo said...

Yes, dearheart, you win. ;-) Beautiful!

Mama Papaya said...

Beautiful indeed.