Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is over- costume in the wash, candy sorted (sorry, no "fruit chews" for this baby!), and pumpkin lanterns packed away.

We decided E was well enough last night to bundle up and attend Grandma and Grandpa's trunk-or-treat. She's still sick, but getting better...which is an awkward stage. She's a little bit more cranky, because she'd LIKE to do a lot more now, but she's just too tired. That would make anyone cranky! But regardless, she had a blast at the party.

Oh, and you don't know how many sizes my heart swelled up last night when E drank ONE AND HALF glasses of milk when I went into check on her at 1:00. That's almost more than she'd drank in the previous two days combined.

Enjoy the photos!

"Think anyone will notice if I snag another piece?"

A beautiful "urban witch." Lookin' good, Bert!

Aunt LoLo and Co.

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Teah said...

I know this is late saying so, but I just stole the picture of LouhGung and I from Halloween. It's so good! Good shot - that just might be our Christmas card. ;-)