Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mama Die!

I know what you're thinking about the post title- I thought the same thing the last few weeks...until we figured out tonight that "die" means "do it." "Mama do it" is apparently an integral phrase in her life! If SHE wants to do something however, she just says "Baby!!" Oh, the Ernie language. If I can, I'm going to get a video of her drawing. She scribbles a circle, then "Mama?..........Ah." Scribbles again, "Daddy?..........Ah." Scribbles, "Baby?.........Ah." Each "ah" is very emphatic, with a deep head nod. She uses the same nod when she asks a question she WANTS to know the answer to. Points to the snack cupboard, does the sign for candy...."ah." Off she goes- she's got the only answer she needs!

No pictures today- we're stabled at Grandma and Grandpa's house, while they tour Turkey, Greece, Istanbul, Barcelona, and many other wonderful places. It's a blast- Ernie is loving the space here. There's a long, wood-floored, hallway that's become her take off runway; new corners to hide in; and BOB, the ultimate stroller. We're getting lots of miles out of BOB- we take the "Loop" every morning (local folks know), and she loves it. She settles in and just gets in the zone. She loves being with her Aunt and Uncles, too, and they just smile and nod at her antics, and accept the hugs she starts from halfway across the room, running to get up enough speed to knock the wind out when she finally collides. Ahh, fun times!

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Teah said...

Here I thought it meant movie! (dai - it's pronounced die - means a video.) Sweet little Ernie...she's a keeper!