Friday, November 30, 2007

I love Winter

I love this time of year. It's the first day of December, and we woke up to a white world. Now, I'm sitting a the computer after successfully finding a shirt for tonight's office party, Ernie is asleep, I have a fresh loaf of bread from the bakery, and my entire house smells like oranges and cloves thanks to a reed oil diffuser from my aunt. (Thanks!) I met with a few Relief Society sisters this morning in the first round of visiting teaching interviews, and it's always so wonderful to have them in my home and to hear how they care for the sisters on their routes, and how they appreciate their companions.

J's office party is tonight- it's my once-a-year chance to dress up. I'm just afraid that one of these years they'll make it "business attire" and I won't get to dress up any more. We suggested to my parents that maybe Ernie could sleep at their house tonight, so no one needs to spend hours alone in our house after she goes to bed. With no television channels, no Wii, and only a computer screen to watch DVDs on, it can get a little boring around here for some people! Well, they (or Grandpa) agreed! So, Ernie will go to church with them tomorrow and we'll catch up with them at my grandparents' house after church, for our monthly "Fast Sunday dinner with Grandma and Grandpa." Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Last night we met up with Aunt LoLo and co. for our annual trek through the botanical gardens winter lights. They do a beautiful job, making wisteria, parrots, bird of paradise, primroses, fuchsia, and even a giant banana slug out of Christmas lights. The girls were enchanted, the moms were completely camera happy, and the dads were frozen. In typical style, Aunt LoLo and company hit the mall afterwards, and we just went home so J could study.

Enjoy the pictures!!





Teah said...

VH-1 just called. They want all of their rock-stars back. Now.

Enjoy your child-free evening! ;-)

(That was just to make you blush, big sister. I know J is just going to stay up studying and you're going to go to bed around 11:30 and fall asleep around 2...but this time you can toss and turn and listen to music because there's no Ernie to disturb! Go ahead - get a little crazy.)

Teah said...

Oh, and your post is dated 11-30. ;-) Aren't I helpful?