Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Secret Stuff

We're home now, and the house is almost back to normal. It's amazing what happens around here when Ernie and I pop in for an hour or two every couple days to teach piano and maybe take a nap, and then dash away to take care of other things! But, the house is vacuumed, mail is taken care of, and the kitchen is re-stocked and ready for action.

Thank you to everyone who helped Aunt LoLo and I celebrate our birthdays this year- the gifts were all so kind and thoughtful, and Aunt Bert made us the most amazing, YELLOW, cake for our "golden" birthday. Thanks, babe! It was beautiful, and I think she used at least an ounce of liquid food dye to color the white frosting. Dad, the stroganoff was amazing- I wish there was a recipe for what you do in the kitchen, other than "dump these things in a pot and cook them till it tastes good." How are we supposed to pass THAT down through the generations??

We had a lot of fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We found out that Ernie is a football-watching kind of girl. She especially likes saying "He fell down!". She gets to say it a lot during games. She and I are very lonely now, with only each other to keep ourselves company during the day. Also, a VERY special thanks to my brother for teaching Ernie to fence, the two of you chasing each other around the house for 45 minutes with a long wooden spoon and the poking-stick blender companion!

I've been busy making Christmas presents...but since most of my reading base will be receiving these presents, I don't think I should post pictures quite yet! But, after the holidays are over I'll be sure and post pictures of everything, and rough instructions. There are some fun things going on over here!

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Arwyn said...

That is one awesome video! Ernie will, clearly, be a world-class fencer someday.

Also, loving that facial hair...!