Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 4, 2016

I don't have many words tonight!

Kids worked hard in school.  I vacuumed before school, taught 9-12,  washed two-days-worth of dishes, taught 1-3, and then started dinner at 4.  Cocoa helped me make dinner- I chopped up onions, garlic, yams, potatoes, carrots, and celery and added them to browned beef cubes with some flour and chicken stock to make a really great stew.  He helped me make biscuits too- they turned out nice.

While the stew was cooking, I pulled out my jewelry supplies and made a new necklace.  It's a stamped medallion that says "Hope is an anchor" with one of my "Grandma pearls" as a dangle next to it.  The pearls I'm sure weren't anything special to Grandma, but they were part of her collection of costume jewelry to make pictures with.  I'm still collecting jewelry to make my own jewelry tree for Christmas, but I love these old fake pearls she gave me.  They are plastic and the pearly finish is wearing off in places.  Just a yummy, lovely, patina about them.

Everyone loved dinner, and was happy I was able to make exactly ten huge biscuits.  The kids played Kinect after dinner, Jays did the dishes (doing all those dishes, and then the jewelry, and THEN trying to rub cold butter into the flour for the biscuits just did my hands in for the evening.  But so worth it.)

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