Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 3, 2016

The wind blew in the cold and the clouds.  Without the sunshine coming through all our huge south-facing felt pretty chilly in the house today!  I taught school in a flannel shirt, leggings, a skirt, shearling slippers, and a queen-sized comforter.  Yesterday our kitchen was 76 degrees, just from the sunshine.

Cocoa is IN LOVE with school right now.  I think part of it is because he is still abnormally clingy- he fell asleep twice on me today, and is pretty much attached to me if we're in the same room.  It makes cooking hard, with his arms wrapped around my waist.  I'm cutting out most of the games, so we covered I think five lessons today.  His kindergarten materials arrived in the mail today, but I think I will hold off on starting him till September, just because I need all three kids to be on the same schedule for my own sanity.

Mimi struggled a bit with "borrowing" tens for subtraction today, but with enough little coins to mess around with I think she understood it.  Constructing a proper paragraph from an outline is still an art lost on her, but I think she finally got a better grip on her weekly spelling words (ow and ou words like town, cow, frown, house, mouse, etc.)  She just has to see that little pattern in the middle- she is such a "give me something to touch and I will understand it" kind of kid.  Writing it out doesn't do much for her, it has to be something she can move around.  We do a lot of flashcards and jumping and clapping and such.

I helped Ernie cement types of governments a bit more, and the natural resources and major industries of the Southwest region of the united states, and re-explained using factor trees to find the greatest common factor between two numbers.  (She just missed the last step.)  We also talked about different sentence diagramming ways to label subjects.

Ernie decided today MUST be bento day, so lunch didn't get served until 1, so school went a bit late.  I sent Cocoa off at 3, and the girls finished up at 4.  I think E went back and did more later though.

Jays was late home from work today- he scored an air filtration system off of Craiglist for his workshop downstairs.  He came home to Ernie scooping spaghetti out of a pot with tongs because she couldn't lift it to drain it, and me underneath a sleeping Cocoa.

I'm having one more green smoothie, because it's sweet and I'm hungry.  All the kids are tucked in and sung to, we studied Amulon and Alma in the Book of Mormon today (we accidentally read those last night too- I didn't update my bookmark.)  We still don't understand why the Lamanites were so mean to promise to let Alma's people go and THEN break that promise.  Probably because stinky Amulon was running around with them- Lamanites never broke their promises.  Not then.

Anyway- Myrnie has a headache, and tomorrow is another day of school!  Oh, and dishes.  Our buggy dishwasher started working the morning after it wouldn't work- the start button would work, which means whatever the last cycle it was set to (no heat dry, normal wash) would turn on when I shut it.  Unfortunately...that changed tonight, and now the only button lit up is "locked."  It won't unlock either, which means I really need to get on top of getting that machine fixed or replaced and I am wishing I had dish gloves because that water and soap is murder on my hands in this dry climate.

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