Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 2, 2016

Windy windy windy.

The day started off gorgeous and sunny, and it stayed gorgeous and sunny till the evening when the clouds came in, but my word were the leaves dancing around in the streets.  Weather app said the wind was about 23 mph.  I know why the lawns are so clean here- they're just scrubbed bare of anything that isn't rooted down!

We all went to IKEA last night- the master bedroom blinds have been slowly snapping one by one.  We've lost two out of six, and the teal sheet covering the one and the up-ended painting covering the other weren't doing any favors for the decor of the room...or giving any favorable impressions to the neighbors unlucky enough to be facing those windows.  Not pretty.

We found large, white, curtains...which isn't a huge surprise, because given a choice I will always choose white curtains.  The only thing that varies is the fabric.  However, they are SUCH a nice upgrade to the room and I love looking at them.  I would have snapped a picture, except the ladder and extra hardware are still up there because we only installed the 13' rod, not the shorter rods for the side windows.  Those happen tonight.  It's an understood thing that Myrnie does NOT hang things in our homes....unless you want them crooked or at the wrong height.  It's a gift.  It's alright though- Jays and I can't be good at all the same things, and in this instance I am happy to watch!

The kids are really getting back into the swing of school, which is VERY nice.  We barely got any done in December and January during the selling/packing/moving/unpacking.

Cocoa is still way back at the beginning of his Pre-K curriculum, because he just hasn't shown much interest, but now he is very interested and we're flying through three or four lessons a morning.  I skip the games and such, and we read stories and do work sheets and pre-reading and pre-math activities.  I only get his attention for about half an hour, which is just fine for a four-year-old.

Ernie is flying through with very little help from me- I help her review tricky concepts, but she learns quite well from videos, online tutorials, and text books.  Her tricky subjects right now are history and science and geography- there's SO MUCH vocab flying at her, it's just not sticking the first time through.  But math and composition are great, and those were such a huge struggle for her for so many years- I'm not complaining that she doesn't have perfect trivia recall.  Today she started learning HTML coding, which was funny to hear her discuss with Jays over dinner.

Mimi works best next to me, which is exactly what I would expect from a 2nd grader.  She doesn't get frustrated with work, but sometimes I get frustrated with her blank stares and zoned out expression!  "Do, or do not, there is no try."  She loves writing stories, and spelling isn't her strong point.

I made bread again during the lunch break- we work from 9-12 and 1-3 on school.  I also got some laundry thrown together and got the kitchen cleaned up from breakfast.  After school, the kids played piano, or games, or iPad, and I kept futzing.  I finally got through the large stack of papers that had accumulated during and after the move.  I have a few more things in my to-do pile (changing addresses, etc.) but it's much more manageable.

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