Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

Last post was in June, 2015.  So.... June was good.  July, August, September were very good.  We visited Utah family, attended a family reunion in Washington.  I enjoyed my garden immensely, we had everything running smooth as butter.  All my plants thrived.  The fig tree even bore two crops- it was a record-busting drought summer after a too-dry winter and spring.

October, J told me he felt we needed to move to Kansas City.  We sold in December after a week on the market, and purchased a home near Kansas City the following week.  That week we also accepted a job offer near KC and gave notice at J's office.  January 18th, we rolled into KC after a week staying at my parent's and a week driving across the country.  We made stops in Idaho, Utah, and Colorado.  We got to see J's family in Utah, the Provo Temple open house, and my friends in Colorado.  We were so VERY tired of sitting in that minivan!

So now we have been here two weeks.  The house is beautiful, the neighborhood is quiet and friendly.  The kids found a wonderful friend behind us who has the gift of bringing everyone together- she's with a new neighborhood friend every day, and my kids are always welcome to run out the back door and join the crew.  I didn't know how much I would love not having fences.

We've done a bit of handyman work on the house- fixing leaking sinks, leaking toilets, clogged garbage disposals, un-grounded light switches, etc.  J's parents stayed the first week with us and were a HUGE help.  Nana actually left a day early when J's sister-in-law had a medical emergency- we're all pulling for her though, and it's under control even though she will need some extra help going forward for the next month or so.

We've seen temperatures all the way from 17 to 65 in the two weeks we've been here.  On the warm days, the kids spend all afternoon outside and we maybe go for a walk.  On the cold days, we drink cocoa and stare out the window and hope the milk in the fridge doesn't run out before the ice melts.  It's constantly windy.  Breezy actually.  I see why everyone wears their hair up!

It's funny- the only women I see in yoga pants and a tee are the women who literally just came from the gym.  This Seattle girl feels a little sorry for them, but at the same time I often feel a bit under-dressed at the grocery store.   Also, everyone talks a really long time.  Just when I think they have stopped, and I start to respond, they start talking again and just plow right on through me.  Makes me feel a bit rude for CONSTANTLY interrupting people.  I kind of get the feeling they aren't terribly interested in me responding though, so maybe this could work out for my benefit?

My kitchen and pantry are pretty well stocked now, and I'm loving having time to really cook again.  I'm not sure what the difference is, but I've made yogurt and bread and boba tea and nightly large-ish meals.  It's lovely having a prep kitchen and a cooking kitchen- prep kitchen keeps the small appliances and pantry items.  I prepare things for baking in there, and stuff like that.  There's a sink with a garbage disposal, and a dishwasher.  OH that reminds me, my dishwasher in the kitchen is barely functioning...but I have two more, so maybe I should just cart my dishes around to whichever machine is working best?  I want to get the kitchen one replaced, it barely cleans the dishes and only two buttons work (normal and start) but I need to call the home warranty company and see what my options are.  Or just can it all and go order a new one and eat the cost.  Because Mama wants clean dishes.

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