Friday, April 18, 2014

April 18

I got home late last night from an evening of my piano lesson in town and visiting teaching two sisters on our route.  I made a pasta salad for the family's dinner in the afternoon, and they watched "Duperheroes" and "Duper Dog."  Cocoa chose the movies- Superheroes and Super Dog are of course The Incredibles and Bolt.  Funny boy loved those movies as soon as he saw the covers :)

Ernie finished all her schoolwork for the week by Wednesday so our Thursday was spent on Legos, Snap Circuits, finding more Lego sets to aquire online, going through old and hand-me-down clothes to make sure everyone had full drawers of clothes that fit, and cleaning out the bedrooms.  Bedrooms have a habit of filling up in the corners and I wanted those corners cleaned out!  I vacuumed again, even though our housecleaner came the day before.  We might need to get a new housekeeper,mor we might need to fix up our house so it is actually cleanable.  Everything seems to be turned inside out right now, at least downstairs.  

Our bedroom still has six boxes of choir music that I don't know what to do with, along with J's box of childhood memories.  We have them pulled out to scan and cull right now.  Lots of photos and old certificates that can be digitized.  

Spring Break was full of random illnesses, so this week has been all about getting our lives, and house, put back together.  

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