Friday, April 4, 2014

Boston Day Five

Last day in Boston.  We packed up and checked out in the morning and checked our bags behind the counter.  We had until 4:00 before we had to head to the airport.  We did as much as we could!

A train ride took us to the Freedom Trail- we had seen parts of it but wanted to walk the whole thing.  We started in Boston Common and the State House.  A "fried dough" cart set up shop as we arrived, and we split one.

That line of red bricks marks the trail to follow through the city.

Old cemetery- this is Samuel Adams.

It was a beautiful old cemetery.  Oddly, markers have been moved at least twice to make rooms for paths, etc.

We saw this statue outside of a government building.  A Democrat donkey and a pair of shoe prints in front engraved with elephants and "Stand Firm."  

Faneuil Hall and Quincy market had a good selection of lunch options- J chose a pizza bagel that is the best representation of those words we've ever seen!  I had a little cup of clam chowder and we split a fresh orange juice.

The trail goes through the North End to see Paul Revere's house- Mike's Pastry was still there waiting for us.  I chose a Boston cream puff this time, and J went for a black and white.  I expected them to be like sugar cookies, but they are soft and pliable.  The chocolate frosting was super fudgey.... It was great!

We walked down Commonwealth Avenue- the houses are gorgeous and the middle of the street is a tree-lined walk.  Extremely genteel, yes?

We walked back to the Boston Public Library, I wanted to show J a map embedded in the floor- Boston was originally much smaller and hillier.  They slowly filled in the bays to make more landmass, the map showed that process between the 1600's and now .

We walked through Chinatown to find a snack to take with us on the plane- we found a holographic Simon Dewey pirated print. 

After Chinatown we walked back towards the hotel to get our bags, caught a train for the last few stops, and headed to the airport.  Security was slow, the airport is just fine, and the flight was nice.  We got home around 11:30 local time and gave my parents a huge thanks for taking up our slack this week!

We loved Boston- it's well designed with great public transportation, and beautiful to boot.

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What I Did Today said...

Love all the pictures! I so desperately want to go visit every single historical place back east. We went to DC for our honeymoon and the amount to do and see was overwhelming! I'd need a month or two!