Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boston Day Four

When J joined us for dinner last night, he was officially done with his data conference.  Today was the first day I didn't leave the hotel solo- a different kind of day!  Love it.

We caught the train out to the museums again and walked through the Isabella Gardner Stewart museum- she was an art collector who opened her home to the public a few days a week and left her home as a museum in her will.

She had wonderful taste, and showed a good sense of humor in how things were displayed.  There was absolutely no photography allowed, but our favorites were water colors by John Singer Sargent (she gave him working space in her home, they were good friends), ballerina pictures by Kronburg, a self- portrait by Rembrandt, and I loved some early (4th century) Italian religious pieces with periwinkle blue and metallic gold accents.  

We bought lunch at the museum cafe- I had chicken salad and he had a quiche.  We ended with beignet.  Very different getting meals with J- I've been either getting really fast meals or skipping them entirely.  Sitting down to a plate and a napkin is a lovely thing!

We took the trains back towards town and visited the First Christian Scientist church.  Kooky church, but they have a tour of a three- story stained glass globe you can walk INSIDE of.  That was worth it for J :). Again, no photography.

Afterwards we walked up to Charlstown to see the USS Constitution ("Old Iron Sides.")

It had way more rigging than we expected.

Cannons, and lots of them!

Bunks, below deck.

Low clearance- right about 5'5" :)

We took the ferry back down to the north end .  Beautiful ride!

I told J I wanted to find cannoli in the north end (basically Little Italy) and he said sure!  He didn't realize until we walked in that it was a dessert... Well, it made a nice start to dinner :).  The cannoli was nice and crispy, the filling seemed to be a heavily flour-thickened vanilla pudding filling.  He ordered a cream puff filled with Bavarian creme and coated in a chocolate shell.  (Mike's Pastries)

We walked across the little street to a seafood restaurant, The Daily Catch.  It was the smallest restaurant I have ever seen.   This picture shows almost the entire space, including the kitchen.  Fantastic homemade squid ink pasta with olive oil and garlic for me, and a plate of calimari prepared four ways for J.

We saw this enormous flag in a retail building entrance... Has a flair for the dramatic!

We walked home from dinner- this is the view from a bridge by our hotel.

We figured we walked about eight miles this day, and I know I walked at least that much every other day.  I thought I brought great shoes, but my feet hurt terribly.  It's a shame since I know I am going to be walking no matter what they feel like, it's too pretty NOT to walk everywhere!

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