Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monday May 26

We took a holiday on Memorial Day- I moved lessons to teach two hours in the morning,  J rode around the lake with a buddy, and the kids played outside all day.

J got some projects done- replacing a rotten board in the back deck and replacing finishing nails with screws on the master bedroom deck (!!) and I got some weeding done.

This neighborhood has a great habit of trading bikes around on our Facebook page- Cocoa woke up from his nap to find this beauty waiting for him.  He kept saying "it's my first bike!  It's green!" all night long :)

The kids rode their bikes to the dinosaur park and J and I walked- we had a picnic.  Falafel in the park is a pretty great way to end the day!

I have successfully grown a radish- in the past they have bolted, failed to germinate, or been eaten by slugs and ants.  This was gorgeously juicy and so very spicy!!

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