Friday, July 5, 2013

Thursday, July 4th

Great Independence Day over here!

In the morning, I thought maybe we could bike down to town and watch the parade.  The two little kids in fit in the trailer, and I love to bike around town, and Daddy loves to bike just about anywhere, and Ernie...shoot.  Ernie has flat out refused to get on her bike for the past two years.  We found a much smaller bike, one that she could sit on and keep her feet on the ground even with her knees bent, and I showed her how she could walk around the driveway on it, and then take longer and longer steps till she was gliding around the driveway.  MAYBE she'd use her pedals to use the brakes, but mostly she'd drag her feet to stop.

But, we can hardly GLIDE to downtown, can we?  No.  We can't.


I told her my big idea, but then added that she couldn't ride her bike.  She frowned for a minute, and then went outside and learned to ride a bike.  Just like that.  TURKEY.  I'm so proud of that turkey.

Anyway, we all went up to a park to meet my sister's family so Wonder Daddy could play tennis with them, and we let Ernie take her bike to ride the paved park loop for the few hours we were there.

After the park we went to my husband's grandparents' home to mow the lawn and pick raspberries- somehow, even though the plants were loaded and we picked everything that was ripe, we came home with about a cup of berries.  Strange.  (My kids LOVE raspberries!)

Home for Cocoa's nap, and I did some weeding in the yard.  Wonder Daddy mowed the lawn and took care of some weeding in the the back.  When Cocoa woke up I made a quick cole slaw and we made our way up to my sister's home for a BBQ- there were a ton of people there, and HUGE quantities of food!  (Are we surprised that Mimi chose a hotdog bun, tortilla chips, and red Jell-O?  No?  OK.)

The kids were sad that we weren't going to light off any fireworks (they're illegal in our town.)  I talked to my niece separately: "We HAVE sparklers at home, but we didn't bring them.  Look at all these kids running around- would you feel safe if I gave everyone a sparkler right now?" She looked...and looked...and thought...and finally turned back, slowly shaking her head "Nooo...."  "Yeah, neither did we.  So no sparklers, sweety!"

A group of folks down by our lake sponsors a show on a barge every year- one of our friends who sponsors this lives on the lake, and invites everyone to come and watch.  It was too late for most of the kids, but we thought Ernie could stand staying up late this year.  First time!!  She and Daddy walked down around 9:00, and came home around 10:30.  Late night for her, but she LOVED it.  I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, at home while Mimi slept and Cocoa watched Curious George (I turned down the chance to go with E in my husbands' place, so I couldn't feel TOO sorry for myself, but still!) until I realized we could see all the big ones from our front window.  I scooped Cocoa up and quietly carried him to the front room and sat on the couch.  "Fireworks" I whispered.  With huge eyes, he pointed and whispered "Bireworks."  And kept whispering that until he fell asleep in my lap.

What a beautiful day!  Happy Independence Day :)


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