Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday, July 6th

The 6th of July...the day our PTSA MUST make a decision about where to host the website next year, and the co-op school's website, and the other parent committee's website...and wondering if the gals who offered to run the committee websites will stick around if we don't choose the host they want....

and the day is done and gone, and we didn't make a decision, which means the decision is DONE!  We stay with BlueHost, where all our e-mail history is, we don't go with GoDaddy (who use proprietary info formats that don't play nice with other folks) and the world keeps turning.

Life's easy, when you just go along with entropy, eh?

Anyway, got to sleep in a bit this morning while the kids watched cartoons, and Daddy got up to make pancakes.  He totally spoiled me, and made the super-fancy recipe on the back of my GF flour bag.  DELICIOUS!  I made a quick fruit salad with canned peaches (only one jar left on the shelf, we'll be canning this year!), raspberries from Mom's garden, and blueberries left over from the grocery store.  Yum!

I needed to run errands, and took Cocoa with me- we dropped off my nephew's curriculum with my sister and picked up Daddy's orbital sander, then swung by the music shop to get the books I ordered a few weeks ago, and finally made it to Costco.  I went in for diapers and peanut butter, and came out with new dishclothes, clothes hampers, yoga pants, and a pizza for dinner.  Sounds about right, eh?  (Oh, and diapers and PB.)

Home for lunch, Daddy made us all grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, and then put Cocoa down for his nap.  I made it through about five loads of laundry that needed folding, and then...I think I just kind of ran out of steam and started "researching" things on the internet while the girls cleaned their playroom.  Daddy promised them that if they finished their weeding yesterday, and cleaned their playroom today, they would get to see a movie this afternoon.  Cocoa was still asleep, and he let me go in his place.  We saw Monsters University, it was ADORABLE.  Pixar has such finesse- a more gauche studio could have taken the storyline and made it squirm-worthy, but Pixar has good taste.  We all loved it!

Home for dinner, Daddy cooked the pizza (he made all three meals today, AND cleaned the kitchen while I was gone.  This man is awesome!)  He took Ernie out for a bike ride around the neighborhood, while I played outside with Mimi and Cocoa.  We all ate popsicles, because that's what we DO in the summer, right?  Daddy came back, the two littles had a bath, and we got everyone ready for bed.  I helped the girls clean their room, and found a few bushels of clothes, books, and toys under their bed...sigh.  SIGH.  Mimi just lets it all hang out, she doesn't care.  Clothes drop wherever she is when she gets ready for bed, plastic ponies are all over the dresser.  But Ernie, she stashes it all under the bed and says it's clean.  Something we're working on!  (For both of them.)

I made myself a smoothie for dinner with the leftover fruit salad from breakfast, and now it's time for bed!

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