Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday, July 5th

My husband amazes me- even after a late night like the 4th of July, he's setting his alarm clock for 6:20 so he can meet his buddy for a run, on his day off!!  Anyway, he got his run in and then had a doctors appointment with his naturopath.  (It's funny, sometimes I think I'm the crunchy one in this family, but my husband switched to a naturopath at least a year before I did- he met his doctor through work, and liked him so much he switched to his practice.  That man likes to TALK- his appointment was at least two hours today.  The thing about naturopath doctors is that they want to fix what's wrong, not just put a bandage on your symptoms.)

I tried to weed the garden while he was gone, but Cocoa climbed up on the garden wall next to me and did a faceplant into the strawberry patch above the wall and caught his forehead on the cinderblock wall on his way down and I scooped him up and carried him inside and told the girls this is why we don't climb on the wall and I wondered why he ALWAYS hits face first when he falls.

This is why I can't do chores.  My son always lands face first.  I bandaged him up and we cuddled for a while.

When Daddy got back, I made a little bit of lunch and Ernie and my husband got ready for a bike ride he promised her.  Cocoa and Mimi wanted to go too, so he pulled out my bike and the trailer and we all suited up for a family ride.

I have to say, when we got the bike trailer two summers ago, we had rosy plans of wonderful family bike rides.  Ernie was scared of bike riding, and Cocoa was too small to ride in the trailer, and then last summer Cocoa screamed if we put a helmet on his head and Ernie still wasn't riding, and....oh phooey.  But today?  Now that Ernie learned to ride a bike YESTERDAY, and we found a helmet that doesn't come down to Cocoa's shoulders?  OH GUYS, we took a two-mile family bike ride, and everyone LOVED it.  Ernie has plans of biking all over the neighborhood, and I'm over the moon that this is going to be the summer we get to ride together.  HOORAY!!  We went up hills and down hills and around bushes, and she rides like a pro. So happy, so proud!!

After our bike ride, I made a real lunch for everybody, and Cocoa took his nap.  I finished weeding the strawberry patch and the garden beds, and then took over pressure washing the patio from my husband.  Turns out, there are some jobs I'm better at.  That's a nice feeling, knowing that we both have strengths :)  Caulking, painting trim, and now pressure washing: Totally my thing, he's rotten at it ;)  There are some things that strength and height don't help with, hahaha.  Some things, you just have to be SHORT, with tiny hands.  We borrowed my sister's little electric pressure washer (yes, Dad, you were right: it's AWESOME and perfect.)  It's totally woman-sized.  My husband had to hunch over to get it close enough to the patio to clean anything, but I just held it at arms' length.  See?  Short is GOOD!  Plus I loved that there were no gas fumes, and if you stop pulling the handle lever, it shuts off.  Easy peasy, and I pushed a ton of goop off the patio.  I had no idea that it was caked in dirt and moss- it was pretty gross.

I put the girls in charge of pulling weeds along the raspberry/blueberry bed, and that took them a LONG time.  Wonder Daddy measured and cut and installed some bead board and did some general re-arranging and cleaning in the garage.  I love these long weekends!!  We've gotten so much done and we still have Saturday coming.  Hooray!

I made a pot of rice for dinner, with a pan of roasted cauliflower and our favorite honey-lime shrimp.  Everyone was SO HUNGRY, it was a pretty quiet dinner :)  We all finished fast, except for Cocoa- he sat there scooping rice and shrimp and cauliflower off his plate for another half hour.  Silly boy.  The girls finished up their weeding, J helped me put all the patio furniture back, and I cleaned the kitchen.  It was such a gorgeous evening- sunset is when I wish I could throw a party and have everyone there.  It's still light and warm, the chairs are in the shade, and everything looks and feels so wonderful.  Just makes me feel so blessed to be in this gorgeous spot, with this amazing house and yard!

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