Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Poo continues to fill our thoughts and laps, but life chugs along just as surely as a washing machine running at 11 pm, right?  Right?  I can't be the only one who doesn't remember/have time to run the washer until nearly midnight?

(Mr. Man had his first good blowout yesterday, I'm sure you'll be pleased to know.  I was insanely grateful to be wearing floppy pants that caught everything, saving my chair.  They were, however, my last CLEAN pair of pants.  Time for pajamas!  I thought it odd that my visiting mother left a few minutes later, in a hurry, for the store.  "Must have some pressing errands" I thought "and a horror of poo!"  She came back half an hour later with a goodly assortment of yoga pants, stretchy shirts, and the most outlandishly-shaped shawl-sweaters that are insanely comfortable, once I find the right way to put them on! My mom is the bestest :)

Ernie is feeling better.  After more than a month of stomach troubles I put her on her very favorite diet of all: The White Diet.  She is living on white rice, white pasta, white bread, oatmeal, and crackers.  I serve her milk, but she'll take all day to drink 8 ounces.  It's taken care of the stomach issues entirely-- I don't see any lab work in our future if she's not sick.  I let her have a cupcakes, and she was sick again.  I DO want to get the tests done- I want to know what's going on!  Ideas like lactose intolerance, parasites, giardia, salmonella, and Crohn's Disease are all being bandied about.  If changing the diet stopped the issues, what does that mean?  Could still be Crohns or lactose intolerance...or irritable bowel syndrome...I find myself wishing I had tacked on a medical degree in school, along with my accounting degree and music minor!  I have to tell you, the stomach issues worry me more than they do her- this little girl has gas that has her gleefully exclaiming "I sound like a TRUCK!"

We spent our morning talking about rainbows- there are a LOT of rainbow songs on YouTube!  Oddly, many of them sing the rainbow colors out of order....and the rest end with pink, instead of violet!  The girls cut streamers from their favorite color crepe paper (pink, of course) and had a dance party in the school room.

dancing with the rainbow song

dancing with the rainbow song

Mr. Man was most impressed!  (Have I mentioned how LARGE he is?  How he's seven weeks old, and wearing 6-month clothes?  Size three diapers?  Oh good.  He is.)



Alexandra said...

Your mom is awesome. You are so blessed - give her lots of hugs. :)

Hope Ernie's stomach issues resolve - it sounds like what I had, but mine was old woman's gall bladder issues. I had to get that thing out; it was full of gravel. Prayers.

Bobbi Lewin said...

I'm sorry you're still dealing with the poo monster. What a sweet mama you have though! I hope Ernie gets better soon too.

perfectlycrazy said...

What an awesome Mom you have! I want someone to show up on my doorstep with comfy yoga pants. :)

Let me know if you figure anything out in the tummy trouble dept. We never really figured anything out for William. Clear as I can guess it's a milk protein intolerance but what proof do I have other than Lactaid does awful things to his tummy?

I have the name of a allergist/dietitian that a friend recommended. I haven't decided if we'll go that route yet, but let me know if you need the info.

Su said...

Aawwww! Your mum's so sweet.
I really hope you figure out what's going on with E's tummy.
And, Mr Man has grown so much!!

What I Did Today said...

Your mom is AWESOME!!! Dietary mysteries are certainly the worst. Hope y'all get it figured out soon. Until then, enjoy the truck.

Aunt LoLo said...

Man, Mr. Dude looks GINORMOUS in that picture! haha

Sorry the cupcake made her sick. :-(

Anna said...

He's already wearing 6 month clothes?! I'd ask what you are feeding him, but I think I already know... you must spend a lot of time sitting.