Thursday, March 24, 2011


What can you say about a day that revolves around poo?  Seriously, if someone would JUST write a book about kids and their poo, and how to fix everything that can possibly go wrong, and how to diagnose what's wrong in the first place, they'd make a million dollars.  Seriously.

In good news, Mr. Man is no longer constipated!  He is daily amazing us with his poo-ing prowess.  In fact, he was SO enthusiastic this afternoon in his aunt's arms, he made her shriek out in alarm.  Too bad he wasn't awake any more to enjoy the effect.  (How can a tiny body do something so VIOLENT and immediately fall asleep?)

Ernie and I spent the morning at the doctor discussing an ongoing gut issue, and came home with a small bag full of cups the doctor wants returned ASAP.  Umm...OK, doctor.  This'll be fun.

BUT, in better news: Elizabeth is having a giveaway for a really adorable apron over at Home Musings, so go stop by and say hi!  Seriously, you should go there right now, because I can't believe I just wrote a post almost entirely about...I can't even say it.

Go find some sunshine for me, and dance in it!



Bobbi Lewin said...

Oh my goodness! The poo days! My youngest wouldn't go for days, and then he'd explode. I wouldn't leave the house if I thought it might happen that day.

Then there was the Saturday morning I was sleeping in, and my oldest (who was only 3) yelled, "don't worry Mommy! I changed Nicki's poopy diaper!"

Ticia said...

and the funny part is you wrote about it. Ha ha ha ha ha, so glad to be mostly past those days.

Anonymous said...

Oh we've done the cups before... not fun.

Here's to poo!

Elizabeth said...

HA! Oh, yes...the days when one could be elbows deep in it. I have some awful poo stories. Like the time my year old daughter decided to wipe the contents of her diaper in her hair in the grocery store checkout line - talk about feeling like a social pariah! Everyone was disgusted with me, as though I was the one doing it. :( Then, there was painting poo on her walls around her crib one morning when I didn't get to her fast enough. Another even earlier time was her first plane trip out West. Every time a plane took off, she'd load her diaper and where exactly was I suppose to change her where I wouldn't offend someone?

Poo is a HUGE subject when children are small. Write away, we all understand! :)

Debbie said...

This is one of those things you probably would never have imagined you'd write about! Once we turn into moms, all bets are off!

Su said...

Yeah.... poo days. Poo is a topic I never thought I'd have conversations about until I had kids.

And, bwahahaha, that sentence "(How can a tiny body do something so VIOLENT and immediately fall asleep?)" is crazy funny.