Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Steps

I knew that February would be a slow, baby-filled month around here.  We all made it back to church on Sunday- I was quite a sight, playing the organ with Baby Boy strapped into the baby carrier!  Honestly, it was easier to play with him in the carrier than it had been when I was pregnant.  At least this time I could see my feet :)  By the end of the pregnancy, my belly was so in the way that I couldn't play the pedal notes directly beneath me.  (If you haven't seen an organ up close and personal, there's a keyboard underneath we play with our feet.  It takes a special kind of crazy.)

Spring is in sight, and the kids and I are getting gently back into life.  We went on a long walk Monday morning- it's been a long time since we've done that, and EVERYONE was exhausted by the time we got home!

Mimi is still enjoying special time with her Grandma- when I told her it was time to go, she sternly told me "Mommy stay here.  Baby stay here.  Sister stay here.  Mimi go to Grandma's!"  She adores her alone time with Grandma!

On the mornings that we aren't "dividing to conquer" the girls, they know they have a schedule.  At 6, Ernie can start reading a book if she wants.  At 7, they can quietly go downstairs and watch a movie before breakfast.  At some point, we're going to move the tv set upstairs- every movie in our house is pretty tame (we don't OWN anything above PG) but I'd still like to know for sure what the kids are watching.  If we wanted to be really fancy and up to the minute, we'd join the rest of America in owning a flat panel tv and buy a second set, and we'd have to look at flat panel tv stands, but for now I'm going to be provincial and say that my 6-year-old TV set is just fine.  (Right, dear husband??  Haha)

(If you DO have a flat panel TV, DO check out that link above- CSN has an amazing selection!)

Disclaimer: In return for this post, CSN has provided me with a gift code to any of their 200+ online stores.  Over and out.


Alexandra said...

We use the t.v. with my daughter, but like you, allow only child friendly shows. She gets up super early, so hangs out with me while I doze off in the bedroom. We watch Disney Junior, and the programing is excellent. She has learned quite a bit from those shows! It also keeps her quiet while my sons works through his his school assignments. She works and plays with her educational toys, workbooks, art, etc. on the floor and in the bed while watching her shows - our bedroom looks like Romper Room. ;)

Bobbi Lewin said...

Ah for sweet baby days!

I have to tell you that every time I click on your blog, a soundtrack immediately starts playing in the background of my head, http://www.televisiontunes.com/Wonderwoman.html

Aunt LoLo said...

Enjoy your items for review. ;-)

Sam said...

Glad your schedule is getting back on track. :) Though it makes me tired to contemplate it. :)

Elizabeth said...

Wow, playing the organ with a baby strapped on. You are my hero! Playing an organ is tough enough. I had a friend try to teach me but it freaked me out to have to use my feet as well as two keyboards (upper and lower). NO WAY, JOSE!

You are such a wonderful mother. Your children have a schedule and know what to do.

I will be homeschooling my 13 yo son next year. It is a "virtual" public school program that is done at home via the computer. I relish having him, but I must be very organized like you are. :)

Su said...

Hmmm... I'd like to see that, you and baby boy on the organ.

Anna said...

I miss our old TV. The picture quality is amazing with blu-ray, it really does change the experience to be able to see the extra detail, peoples expressions are more clear, but our power bill took a noticeable jump.