Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Color Her World

While the baby slept this afternoon, the girls and I got busy.  Not terribly busy, you know, but just something nit picky to soothe a ramped up kindergarten girl.

I have colorful walls.  Colorful walls involve lots and LOTS of paint chips.
sorting color cards

After sorting all the chips into colors, and then organizing by color number and letter (no, I'm not OCD, why do you ask??) we chose our favorite from each color and cut them into strips.  I lopped off the tagged side of each color strip, and she used double-sided tape to put the labels on the backs of the cards, for future reference.

(Family??  I swear I did not pick out this outfit for Ernie.  Yes, I know I dressed almost entirely monochrome in 3rd grade.  She's getting a head start.  Hey, it all matches, right?  She's all set for St. Patrick's Day...)

sorting color cards

(Meanwhile, outside it was doing this.... that's snow.)
sorting color cards

Mimi was busy doing this....that's her belly button.  I have a picture somewhere of Ernie doing the same thing. Apparently they're confused, but at least they understand that Mommy Milk is for babies!
Nursing her doll

After Ernie got all her cards done, I had her sort them back into colors, and she laid them out by gradient (i.e. lightest orange to darkest orange.)  We talked about the colors of the rainbow and looked at some photos online, and she sorted her color graded stacks into rainbow order, and we talked a bit about color mixing.  She thought it was pretty nifty that the color between two primary colors was a mix of those two...if she can only remember Mr.  Roy G. Biv, she'll never forget what two colors make orange again!  Unfortunately, she can barely wrap her lips around the word "Roy" so this might be a challenge for her...!  I found some great color wheel charts the other night, but I can't actually remember who linked to them right now...drat.

Anyway, we're starting on a "color" exploration right now, since there are so many fun rainbow projects to do around St. Patrick's Day!

(Inspiration came from a photo on this post, at Itty Bitty Love.  Ernie graded the four colors on each card so quickly, I'm going to go back and chop up a few more cards from each color family to see if she can grade horizontally across the cards, if I limit her to one row.  I also need to trim the edges, because it's highly likely she put them together like a puzzle, with curved corner on top and bottom!  I also need to find some red paint chips, because we only had two pale pink palette chips.  Are you surprised that we had every other color of the rainbow?  And we seriously considered putting them on our walls?  I told you: Crayola Explosion.  That's what my house is!)


Franzine Kafka said...

ha crayola explosion.

well green is very hip. good choice.

Jamie said...

Nora nurses her baby pony with her belly button too! (not to mention attempts to pump her belly button as well :o))

Ticia said...

That does sound like a fun idea.

Bobbi Lewin said...

I like how she has the baby in the "football" hold. That was one of my favorites!