Thursday, November 18, 2010

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is shrouded in secrecy...but crafting goodness has to be shared!  It's a conundrum, so here: loads of tutorials I've seen around the blogosphere, and these have made it onto my "Hmm....I could make that for somebody!" radar.  Maybe I've made some of these...maybe I haven't....HA!  Family, you are foiled again!!

Enjoy!  These are my favorite ideas from 2009 and 2010....

Felt Tree Skirts
Elastic Bookmarks (Simple elastic + charm)
Simple felt capes for kiddos
Tiny doll quilt for baby dolls
How to cast off if you want to make something square on a round loom.
Easy pacifier clips to use your lovely woven ribbons
If you still have pumpkins laying around, pumpkin butter for the freezer
Darling fabric flowers that look like kanzashi, but are simpler
Ephemeral, but darling paper flower crown for little girls
The perennial favorite at church craft days, a scrap wood plaque with a scripture and family name
How to make a hammock
Dream of warmer days, and make a tea cup bird feeder
A printable painting of a cupcake, by the fabulous artist Bobbi.  (Wouldn't this be great printed on transfer paper and put on an apron??)
Wallet from a dishtowel
Sugar scrub- nummay!
Thumbprint pendants- we made these for Mother's Day, but they were darling, and a HUGE hit!
Stamped metal pendants- so popular right now!!
Terrariums for the nearby nature lovers with black thumbs
Baby tights!  Rae is absolutely genius!
Photo bean bags
Twin sheet teepee tent
DIY Jump Rope
Hot sauce at home?  Awesome sauce, is what this sounds like!
Kiddo crafts from the boys at Blue Yonder- I especially love the stenciled flour sack towels
Soap balls that look like snowballs, made by kids.  Yes please!  (Ooh, and there's even a toy surprise inside!)
Keychain coin purses- they made these from dishtowels, but you could use anything
Photo blocks and tiles- will we ever run out of way to give pictures of the kids to family members??
Amy's take on the crowd favorite, "Reindeer Food" to tempt those critters into your yard Christmas Eve
Super simple (and punny!!) neighbor gifts
Peppermint Bark Popcorn.  YUM.
Messenger bag tutorial- yay!!
Resin-filled rings- tres chic!
Super simple and inexpensive memory game from security envelope patterns.  Maya makes it look cool!
Embellish a plain umbrella with ruffles- we might make it through this PNW winter after all
Fabric ballet flats- simply darling, and would make great "house slippers" for a little girl
A little child-sized apron from tea towels
Reusable picture frame calendar with vinyl-  I had one, I loved it, and it jumped off the wall in the middle of the night and busted into a hundred pieces.
Tutorial for an oval oven mitt- so cute!
Car CD holder- yes!
An artsy way to make a fabric collage notebook cover
English toffee- yummy!
A super creative fishing game for little tykes, cleverly made from old paint brush handles
You can transfer inkjet images to wood blocks- so adorable to make toys!
Crinkly taggie square for babies- always a hit
Homemade chili powder
Story dice for the little tykes

You can see everything I've posted tutorials for, over on the side bar, but I'll make a post with my favorites soon :)  Time to get busy, busy, busy!!


Su said...

oh wow!! Phew! Good job.

Mama Papaya said...

This is awesome! Hugging you!

What I Did Today said...

THE MOTHER LODE!!!!! Hahah! Thanks for your e-mails and for this aMAZing list!

Ticia said...

love that you've done all this work for me.....

Bobbi Lewin said...

Oh dear! I was going to casually browse through your list now I have to go fix that print so it's easier to download! ha ha! be right back!

Bobbi Lewin said...

whew!! there it's done:)

Elizabeth said...

Wow, Myrnie, what a list! I will definitely have to check that all out. I've got to get my caboose in gear for gift giving.

Hey, are you under a winter storm warning? Will you be having a blizzard today? We are warned up the kazoo about a blizzard this afternoon and evening. The winds will be 60-80 mph and the temps in the teens (not counting wind chill). The weather people are calling for zero visibility, etc.

I know this system is coming in from the northwest so I am wondering what's happening in your neck of the woods.

Rae said...

ooh this is a great list! :)