Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Ernie's annual candy sorting

Is this The Pumpkin? (It wasn't)
Pumpkin Painting

Halloween has come and gone! Music class party Friday morning, church party Friday night, pumpkin patch Saturday morning, trick-or-treating Saturday night.....the girls did good this year!

Ernie was pretty upset when I announced that we'd be cooking their pumpkins this week, until I started listing off everything we could do with them (gnocchi, biscuits, pancakes, pie, muffins, bread, soup, cookies, etc.) She's pretty sure that pumpkin cookies are going to to be a GREAT use for that big 'ol squash :)

(Yes, that's a Sweet Mama squash in the background, kind of like a Sweet Meat. She painted a face on it for me, so I could have a pumpkin on the porch too. With all this rain we're getting, the paint still hasn't dried on these!)

With how "into it" Mimi was getting, you can see why we paint these on the floor. I'm sure we'll carve pumpkins in later years, but for now I love letting the girls do it all by themselves.
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Aunt LoLo said...

You know...with those big ol' umbrellas up, that pic of E and M could be...a picture of you and E! hahaha

Catherine Anne said...

Wonderful memories

Bobbi Lewin said...

Going to the pumpkin patch with kids is one of my favorite things in the world!

Sam said...

Painting! That was smart. We carved ours and it promptly rotted and sank into itself before Halloween.

Love the sorting! I'm the Type-A personality around here. I sorted. Jarrah wondered what for. ;)

Franzine Kafka said...

i love it. sorting is the BEST part of halloween!

my friend made an amazing dish with Kabocha Squash - he basically baked thin slices and served it with a Thai peanut sauce as a dip. maybe i will make that this week, in spite of the 97 degree anti-squash weather.

Su said...

I love that you paint your pumpkins. If I were smart, I would have let the kids do the same thing. I did scrape as much pumpkin meat off the pumpkin before I carved them, though. I prob did not end up with as much pumpkin puree as you, but I felt a little better for not throwing the whole thing out.

melissa said...

Pumpkin gnocchi?! That sounds fantastic. Do you have a favorite recipe you'd be willing to share?

What I Did Today said...

What a fun weekend! After reading about all the uses you've got planned for your pumpkins, I'm a wee bit sad that we ddn't get around to jack-o-lanterns this year! Can you do all those fantastic things with carving pumpkins?