Friday, October 1, 2010

Why We Love Handmade

Do I have to say more? Cousin Ming Wai has been dying for her very own Ernie-made "pillow doll" (remember that secret project she was making?)

I ended up zipping around the edges with my machine after E hand stiched the seams, because I didn't realize that every time I changed the thread for her, (duh) I never went back and knotted the end of the old thread. So her lovely, lovely stitching is still's just co-existing with my machine stitching.

We had a lovely birthday party for Ming Wai at the park with all her little friends, and wouldn't you know it: every birthday gift was hand made! I loved it. Loved it, LOVED it. Aunt LoLo nearly said "no presents" just because she didn't want everyone to feel obligated to go spend $20 in the toy aisle. Is that a local thing? It seems like a set-in-stone budget for little kids' birthday presents.

Flowered hair clips, bath bombs, a lovely little pillow case dress/tunic were all made by her friends and their mothers....I know that not everyone WANTS to make stuff, and certainly not everyone has the time, but I must say that it was nice (from a selfish perspective) to not be the only hand made/nearly-free-except-for-time-and-love gift to be found in those brightly colored bags!

Happy birthday, Ming Wai!
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perfectlycrazy said...

A whole handmade party? That would be so dreamy!

Aunt LoLo said...

And a lovely, lovely LOVELY doll it is, too!

Ticia said...

What a lovely surprise for her

I've had mixed results with handmade stuff

Alexandra said...

Yep, the picture says it all! Oh, how I'd love to host a handmade party. Handmade is the best. :)

Su said...

Nice! Yes, that's a hhhappy girl hugging that pillow.