Monday, October 4, 2010

Glitter Fest

So...just so you know, if you're going to craft with the extra-stiff, glittery craft felt....the glitter doesn't stay put. At all. My thighs look like disco balls!

I guess I'm what Nancy would call fancy.

(Call this another sneak peek at Christmas 2010.)

Isn't that green awesome? Like ectoplasm. Or the Grinch. I think I'm really getting into the spirit of the holidays, don't you think?

This particular present ended up being finished during nap time....hooray! Except that it was WET, flexible, and enormous. Oh, and taking up most of my living room. No chance of carrying it around without smudging! Oh, and piano students were coming in 20 minutes. Hmm. A helpful facebook reply to my predicament recommended making it into a wall hanging. I still haven't ruled that out!
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Aunt LoLo said...

Where did you end up stashing it????

Ticia said...

ha ha ha ha ha haha, better you than me in all that glitter.

And ps: Second picture is not showing up. I will assume it is amazing.

Alexandra said...

I'll have to come back...can't see the second picture. LOL at the glitter. When we use it here it seems to clink to our bodies for days - in our hair, on our faces, etc. It's actually kinda' of pretty.

Su said...

Sigh.... price of doing glittery crafts :)