Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where I've Been

It's been a week since I wrote? Seriously??

Alright, my camera hasn't been very busy, and neither have my hands.

Ernie's been having tea parties with her dolls (notice the fancy shoes. They are excessively fancy, are they not?)

Mimi's been chauffered by her cousin, Siu Jeun. No, this didn't end terribly well- I think Siu Jeun ran her into a chair a few times, and she just might have run over his fingers while he was taking a ride.
We spent a morning delivering a very important item (the bathroom key and some homemade wheat thins as a special surprise) to Wonder Daddy at his office- the girls and I spent the rest of the morning at a local pier watching the sea gulls, barnacles, ferries, trains, cranes, planes, and really enormous shipping boats.
Meanwhile, at home, my life has been more like this. See, I had such good intentions: make the bread dough before church, so all we had to do for the weekly family dinner that night was hand all the guests a chunk of dough, point to the toppings (beautifully) laid out, and say "Make pizza!" My crust runneth o'er.

I find myself doing less and less but being more and more tired. I wonder if it has anything to do with the rapidly cooling weather, and the girls' manifest aversion to long sleeves, coats, socks, shoes, etc. and an increasing corollary aversion to going outside? I've taken away all the movies, except during the afternoons that I teach, so the mess level seems to be increasing...I swear socks breed like rabbits in most of the house (funny how that is, but there are never any in their drawers...hmm....very odd!)

Also, as hubby bemusedly pointed out, I'm ALMOST third trimester! Yikes. So....3 1/2 more months of being the Wonder Family Foursome. But the house is still running, AND we managed a grocery run on Saturday for the first time in weeks (it's amazing how long you can live on pantry staples if you have a well-stocked pantry and extended family members who willingly pick up eggs and milk for your fridge while they're at the store.)
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Anonymous said...

I think it sounds like you are doing great. Being pregnant is really hard work!

Aunt LoLo said...

That? Is the most impressive Run Over I've seen in a while. ;-)

Su said...

So I'm not the only one with the sock breeding problem? I found socks under my buffet, in the hallway closet, behind the piano....

I think you're doing remarkably well!!

Franzine Kafka said...

wow i didn't realize you were so far along in your pregnancy!