Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thai Peanut Oatmeal?

So. After Halloween's spectacular finish (oh, and did I mention the small flood and mild hysterics in the bathroom when Ernie couldn't untie the belt on her dress in time?), I was hoping for a long night's sleep.

Brother Barrio, a middle-aged gentleman whose children are all grown, said a chipper hello in the hallway Sunday at church, and then stopped and stared.

"Hermana, you look TIRED!"

"Umm, yes. The kids got up early." I explained. ("And often," I thought to myself. Why is it that babies who go to bed late insist on sleeping poorly?)

"But we all got an extra hour of sleep last night!"

And so, because of all this, I present my breakfast. Oatmeal. Peanut butter. So creamy and delicious, and a favorite way to start my morning. I normally toss in a bit of brown sugar though, and thought hey, let's mix it up a little. Let's do maple syrup!

Maple syrup is in a curvy squeeze bottle with a brown lid. Teriyaki marinade is in a straight squeeze bottle with a red lid.

If you're wondering, peanut butter and teriyaki oatmeal doesn't taste the least bit like a Thai peanut dish. Not even with sesame seeds tossed in.
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Su said...

oh no!

It's like that time when I was pregnant with my oldest, and had to have oatmeal at 2am.
I mistook cayenne pepper for cinnamon :)

Aunt LoLo said...

I think I just threw up.

Oh, Myrnie, PLEASE tell me you threw it away!!!!!

Oh, and one more thing -

Anna said...

heehee, one of *those* days huh. thanks for sharing! :)

oh and, did this brother not have children or are they old enough that he's forgotten. I don't expect I'll be experiencing that elusive "extra hour of sleep" for another 8 years or so.