Monday, November 9, 2009

Habla Espanol?

NaBloPoMo goal aside, this is going to be a busy week!

Hermano Barrio approached me nervously after church yesterday, and said "Hermana, I don't want to cause you stress...but you are speaking next Sunday." (Remember him?)

So, if you need me this week I'll be ankle-deep in "How to bring the Spirit into our home" and way over my head over at google translate :)

My only hope is to use any many quotes as possible from already-translated sources, like the scriptures and the Ensign!  Oh, and pray.  A LOT.

Yo quiero aprender espanol!! (I want to learn Spanish.)

(In spite of all my moaning and grumblings, we really have seen miracles in regards to the language- I know I could never understand as much as I do, without some serious divine intervention.  I'm excited to speak on Sunday and share my testimony.  Members of our church are generally asked to speak in church once or twice a year- we don't have paid clergy, the members give the sermons.  Putting these talks together is always kind of nerve-wracking for me, and the language barrier just adds a glossy veneer to that work.

My husband and I study the scriptures in Spanish at night.  I turned to him, mid-verse, last night and asked "How is my accent?"  

"Well...I can't understand anyone at church.  But I can understand you!"

I'm thinking that's not a good sign.  :)  
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Alexandra said...

You are very brave! Of course, that's the best way to learn a language, just jump right in with both feet.