Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Presents

Just a little pouch of hair doodad goodies we put together for Ernie's Joy School friend- felt barrettes, flower clippie, and a ribbon headband.

What do you keep on hand for birthday presents?
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Aunt LoLo said...

Cute! I like to give aprons...or, if i'm in a RUSH, I grab one of my composition notebooks and cover it in some cute fabric, and tie a box of crayons on top of the package. :-)

Anna said...

A couple times I've bought toys that I saw on sale cheep and stashed them in the closet.

Kara loves her flower clippies btw. She often brings them to me to put in her hair. Then she admires them and fiddles with them until they fall out.

Su said...

Very nice!
I keep a few books, some accessories, but I should really be more organized (my big kick, right now, apparently)