Friday, November 6, 2009

Made This: Embellished Jersey Scarf

Welcome to our friends from The Inspired Room's Beautiful Life linky fest!  

I have a jersey scarf. I love my jersey scarf.

 It all started at last year's caroling party- my friend was gushing about her jersey scarf she bought at a trendy store- it was so soft, so warm, so wonderful. I sidled closer and realized it was nothing more than a piece of fabric. Not a stitch to be seen!

Well, when I found a 1/4 yard remnant of mint green, organic bamboo jersey in the remnant bin, you better believe I snapped it up and I've been wearing it proudly ever since.

Jersey scarves are wonderful, but I thought this one could use a little jazzing up- Aunt LoLo suggested a posie, and, you go.

I kind of love it.

PS- Because fabric stashes are funny beasts, this fabric was passed to me by my fabulous Mother-In-Law. It was leftovers from jersey fitted sheets she made for Ernie's crib.
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Su said...

That is very pretty!
How much fabric would you need? Do you use up the whole 1/4 yard of the remnant?
I can always use more winter stuff. Brr... it's getting cold.

Aunt LoLo said...

I love a moving fabric stash...

Looks great!

rita said...

We love it too -- a tutorial for the "all thumbs" group please.

Casey said...

So pretty!

Alexandra said...

Preeeetty! I can imagine this with a light gray top.

Teresa said...

I love a pretty scarf- I'm going to give this a try. =)