Monday, February 16, 2009

Never Underestimate...

Ernie at her imitating-best:
ponytail on top of head
pink shoes

All set to go!

We try and limit "screen time" for Ernie. We don't have television, and she gets one movie a day which probably only happens 2 or 3 times a week, normally. It's not a big deal, that's just how it normally shakes down. And I don't like dealing with her jelly-brain and glazed eyes after a tv overdose.

Keeping it real: This was NOT the case when I was morning sick, let me tell you! It's also relaxed quite a bit when she's very ill. And when she's at grandparents' houses.

The unexpected result has been her fascination with all things "dvd" as she calls them. Sees a picture of a reindeer?

"A same! A dvd!" (She has a Rudolph movie.)

Mommy wearing a headband?

"A same! A dvd!" (Molly Mahoney wears a headband in one scene of "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium")

Ernie wears pigtails? That's the "Castle in the Sky" movie. (Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli. Fantastic stuff.)

Cats are from "Kiki's Delivery Service" and pants are ALSO from "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium." All deer and rabbits are from "Bambi" and elephants are "Dumbo." Her little stretching dance is from "Totoro" and when I'm old I'm going to be "Granny" from "Howl's Moving Castle." (Or "Hoodwinked"...but that means SHE gets to be Red when she grows up.)

So, you can imagine the impression it made on her to see Bolt AT THE THEATRE during our Christmas travels.

I knew she'd enjoy her first real theater experience, but it's gone a little bit farther- Bolt followed us home!

Multiple times, she can't get in bed until she takes Bolt OUT of her bed.

I found her jumping up and down in the baby's room during the baby's nap. I scooped her up and fled to the basement, trying to get there before the inevitable wailing started. When we reached the playroom down there I set her down, and she FLUNG herself at the floor, screaming and sobbing- I'd left Bolt in Mimi's room.

We couldn't leave for a play date until I'd opened my car door, and in my best doggy-fetching voice crooned "Heeere Bolt! C'mon, boy!" and then tossed the resulting lump of imaginary doggy to the back seat and her waiting arms.

She's not terribly affectionate, either- she dumped him on the floor.

I've kind of worked at keeping her away from Dora, Bob the Builder, Disney Princesses (ok, not so much on that last one)... most of those seemingly addicting-like-Pringles characters that come with their own marketing teams. I didn't realize it wasn't their fault. It just comes with showing movies to toddlers!

Anybody else's kids LOVE movies? Or have imaginary friends?


Aunt LoLo said...


I'm sending my friends over to comiserate. ;-) Or however you spell that word...

And does BBJ love movies??! Umm...all angels are Tinkerbell. Including Snow Angels. A dress that is yucky suddenly becomes wonderful when it's a Princess Dress.

Oh, and any scribble she puts on paper is Totoro. :-l

Debbie said...

I think since I started right off the bat with two kids, they never had time for imaginary friends. My daughter had a stuffed Elmo when she was about that age that I think fell from the car once. I had to get my mother to go shop for one and Fed Ex it to me so I could get my daughter to sleep again. I feel for you!

Weezy said...

First of all, I am super impressed that you don't let your daughter watch too much TV. In our house, the thing is on all the time. It kills me. On the rare occasions that it does get turned off, sure enough, here comes Jacob turning the thing back on again!! Gotta love 3 year olds!!

Second, all my kids LOVE movies. Jacob is the worst of them all though. He will get stuck on a movie and has to watch it a million times. The girls and I get so tired of it because he screams if he doesn't get to watch what he wants. It's pretty sad!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I feel ya, WW. I really do. The Tongginator has a gaggle of imaginary friends, including twins Robbie and Tawby (plus their momma Anthony).

But the funniest experience I had with imaginary friends involves my sister, about thirty years ago. Her imaginary friend's name?


Yep. Just plain Boy. And he went EVERYWHERE with us. While she held his hand. "Come on, boy, let's go." "Momma, Boy is tired. He needs a nap." And on and on and on...

I have no advice except to document it all so that you can later tease her about it.

Arwyn said...

I always thought I was a bit of an odd child for curling up in the very corner of my bed every night (I must have been 4 or 5) so that there would be plenty of room for all four Ninja Turtles (tucked in their shells, of course) and Master Splinter beside. They stayed in Michigan when we moved, though.

When we got to Alabama, Julie had developed a pair of friends called Hilly and Bonnie, who lived with the Wolfses.

I'm afraid I can't recall anything specific my parents did about it, except to play along until we outgrew it. And we did, eventually.

I think.

Spiwi said...

well, there's always wordgirl! kids love it. the producers get calls all day long about 3 year olds using words like cumbersome... hopefully it will be out on DVD soon so you guys can check it out!

Tina and Dan said...

Lolo sent me your way so I have 2 good stories about imaginary friends or imaginary objects.

- A friend's grandchildren were fighting in the back seat over an imaginary tambourine. They kept saying, "I'm taking the tambourine from you!" And the other's response would be a wail, then they would take the (non-existent) tambourine back. This went on a while with no resolution. Finally Grandma tried to hand back HER imaginary tambourine so both children would have one. To which response she got, "I don't want a blue one!"

- My brother had imaginary friends in his fingers...ever seen the Mupppet Treasure Island?...Just like that!...Anyway, one day my mom saw him staring at his finger in wonder and pure awe! She asked what he was looking at. "Christmasy tree just had a new little baby light born! It's amazing mom!". Another time we were on a family vacation headed to a hotel. My brother broke out in a cry of pain clutching his finger. We all asked what was wrong. "Sugary is almost out of sugar! Hurry, we need to get him sugar soon or he'll die!"