Saturday, April 26, 2008

We've Landed!

It seems crazy that we just moved a week ago, so much has happened this week!

Sweet Aunt LoLo, BBJ, and Louh Goung moved across the country

Garden box was torn to pieces, re-built, and filled with soil

Decades-old photinia was taken down with a chain saw and hauled to the dump (844 pounds!!) and we're about half way through taking out the stumps. Do I leave the ivy that we found underneath? I'll replace the 10-foot high photinia bushes with 3-foot high boxwoods from our backyard.

House has been vacuumed 3 times, at least.

At least an hour of "swing time" for Ernie on her new playset. That's a lot of pushes!

Three families stopping by and a play date have filled out house with giggles, shrieks, and fun over the week.

Kitchen, bedrooms, and play room are completely unpacked. Den and baby nursery, not so much. Has anybody seen our iron? Or camera charger?

Ernie replaced most of our heat registers. Go Ernie!

15 hours of nap time, and 77 hours of night time sleep for Ernie. She's a busy girl!

24 hours of study time for J, and about 30 hours of sleep. Can't wait for these CPA exams to be over!!!!!

Ernie learned how to take berries and leaves off my bushes, fill her bucket, and mash/stir it into some crazy elixir. I'm afraid to ask her what it's for!

New curtains for Ernie's room- I LOVE BLACKOUT FABRIC. And sales at the fabric store- I love those too.

Yard is weeded, lawn mowed twice.

It's been a busy week. A lot of people have asked for pictures, and I'll post them as soon as I can bear to take a record of how things look. Fair enough? :o) If you live in the area, watch out for an e-vite to our housewarming open house! Date TBD, but probably week after next.

Also, BTW, our ultrasound is Monday. Any guesses for gender?


Debbie said...

I had a dream a few nights ago. Your daughterS were adorable. The youngest had the blondest hair full of curls. :-) But.... maybe that was E and Kenny's little girl playing? :-) Either way, they will their Nana's treasures.

Ben & Casey said...

I'm guessing it's a boy. :)